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All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again. But this time it happened in London.
— The Narrator[src]

Never Fairies on the Mainland

London City is where the Never Fairies visited to bring spring in the original Tinker Bell movie. It is also home to Mr. and Mrs. Darling (Wendy, John and Michael's parents), Nana and the human baby whose laugh broke into many pieces, in which Tinker Bell and her sister Periwinkle were born of.[1][2] The Cottage is not too far from London City, and is located in England's rural area. Nearby it, a Fairy Camp can be found in the British countryside.

London is also where Martin Griffiths works in an unspecified Museum.[3]

The synopsis of Bleakwatch Chronicles: Tinker Bell and the Lost City states that Tinker Bell is heading to London from Pixie Hollow, ending up "in a hidden city of fairies living below the streets of London",[4][5][6] with the city being named Bleakwatch.

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