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This page contains transcriptions of all of Terence's poems from the game Tinker Bell for the Nintendo DS. He will tell a poem sometimes when the Wagon Balloon appears at the Pixie Dust Tree, and he will also tell poems during special events. There are 42 poems in total.

Arrival Day[]

Terence will only tell this poem on the player’s birthday.

A baby’s laugh was carried on the breeze,
Through London Town and over rolling seas.
To Never Land it finally found its way,
A joyous time was your Arrival Day!

Masquerade Ball[]

Terence will only tell this poem during the Masquerade Ball, which occurs on October 29th, 30th, and 31st.

Fairies like to dress up in their costumes
Some fancy, frilly, scary, even silly!
But me, I’m going to dress up as a bear
In case the weather starts to get too chilly.

New Year’s Countdown[]

Terence will only tell this poem on December 31st.

We laughed and played and ate and drank and danced.
This year was more fun than all those before!
And even though we’ll miss the times we had,
I think we’ll like the New Year even more!

New Year’s Day[]

Terence will only tell this poem on January 1st.

A New Year is just like an open book.
Its pages bare, it’s up to us to write it.
Today is just the start of Chapter One.
To write this book with you, I am delighted!

Summer Solstice[]

Terence will only tell this poem during the Summer Festival, which occurs on July 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Summer is a time of fun and sun,
And some might say the living is quite easy.
But you won’t catch me surfing on the waves,
For bobbing in the sea just makes me queasy.

Winter Solstice[]

Terence will only tell this poem during the Winter Festival, which occurs on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

When winter on the mainland gets too cold,
I dress warm from my head down to my toes.
And I take care to always bring a hanky
So icicles don’t dangle from my nose!

Garden Fairy[]

Garden fairies live to make plants happy
Dressed in red, they always look quite snappy.
And though they oft enjoy a beauty nap…
They won’t sleep on that mean Venus Flytrap!


Rosetta likes red, and violet, and blue
And if you are sweet, she’ll surely like you.
But if you are sour or dour or mean,
She’ll treat you as if you’re a stinky sardine!

Flower Fairy[]

It’s early to bed and early to rise
For flowers that bloom under these sunny skies.
But if sneaky blossoms stay up much too late
The fairies who watch them can get quite irate!


Silvermist lives down by Lilypad pond,
And with all the fishies she shares quite a bond.
They love that she’s kind, and cheerful, and fair,
But I think they just love her long flowing hair!�

Water Fairy[]

A sprinkle of dew, or a mist in the air,
or ripples on water - how do they get there?
Who makes lakes and rivers so sparkling and clear?
It seems water fairies are hovering near!


Iridessa worries not one bit
About how to keep fireflies all lit.
Although their glow will fade eventually,
It’s fun to light them up again, you see!

Light Fairy[]

Soaring rainbows arc across the sky
as light fairies go fluttering on by.
Spreading light they’ve captured from the sun,
They brighten up the day for everyone!


Tumbling, jumping, leaping, sneaking Fawn
Is why all of my lemon cake is gone.
For while I went to shop for some new clogs,
She fed it to a hungry bunch of frogs!

Animal Fairy[]

Some fairies can talk to the animals.
When creatures speak, those fairies know what’s what.
I wish one of them would talk to the squirrels
And tell them that my head is not a nut.


Even though I don’t think I am brittle,
Vidia does scare me just a little.
I’ll bet that I could beat her in a race…
But I’m not going to say it to her face!

Fast Flying Fairy[]

Fast-flying fairies just love a good race.
They zig and they zag, they zoom and they chase.
You’ll always know when they’re flying around,
Because Fairy Mary will yell “Slow down!”

Dust Keeper Fairy[]

Have you run out of dust? Are you stuck in the weeds?
We’re here to serve all of your pixie dust needs!
So if you need dust, come on down to the tree.
And the best part of all is we do it for free!

Pixie Dust[]

The Pixie Dust makes all the fairies fly,
And doing magic with it can be easy.
Be careful, though, to only take a cup,
For too much Pixie Dust can make you sneezy.

Pixie Dust Tree[]

The Pixie Dust Tree sparkles day and night,
Its beauty is admired by one and all.
And Pixie Dust infuses every bough
To help the tree to grow so grand and tall!

Pixie Dust Well[]

The Well of Pixie Dust is wide and deep
It goes down very far into the Tree.
I could dive down to see how deep it goes…
But I can’t hold my breath that long, you see!

Queen Clarion[]

Queen Clarion is gorgeous, she shines like the morning sun
She is like Mother Nature, and looks after everyone
Her words are always wise and her advice is always sage
She’s been around forever, but she’ll never tell her age!

The Hawk[]

Be careful when you’re flying, and be sure to watch the skies
For a hawk may circle far above, watching with black eyes.
And if you see him diving, fly fast and don’t look back.
Those hawks like nothing better than a tasty fairy snack!

Scout Fairy[]

Scout fairies watch the skies for you and me
I think that they’re quite brave, don’t you agree?
They’re always happy to protect and serve
So let’s give them the thanks that they deserve!


Firefly, Firefly, burning so bright
Can you help me find my way home tonight?
The moon is not out, and it’s too dark to see
But if you light the way, I won’t hit a tree!

Mermaid’s goods[]

Though their smiles shine bright, and their songs entertain,
The truth is that mermaids can often be vain.
So although they may both share a similar tail,
Do not tell a mermaid she looks like a whale!

The Rainbow[]

An arch of many colors I see soaring ‘cross the sky,
It’s light and water fairies bringing magic to my eye!
There’s nothing like a rainbow shining on a warm spring day
To put a smile upon your face and wipe your woes away!

Tea time[]

�I never miss tea time, the best time of the day
I like the chamomile, and also like Earl Grey
With every cup of tea, I eat a lemon drop
But if I drink too much, I feel like I may pop!

About food[]

In Pixie Hollow, there’s all sorts of food
And sometimes I can pack too much away.
But food will help a fairy grow up strong
That’s why I always eat some every day!

Fruits Fairy[]

Fruit on a vine, or fruit in a tree
The fruit fairies care for them all equally.
But as for my favorite, I have to attest
That sweet yellowberries are what I like best!

Painting Fairy[]

A splash of blue, perhaps a splash of red
Or maybe you like brown and green instead
Just pick the colors that you like the best
And with a brush, your hand will do the rest!


They’re lighter than air, they float on the breeze
Held under your nose, they can make you sneeze
But feathers sometimes can be in short supply
For believe or not, birds need them to fly!

Snowflake Fairy[]

Dressed all in white, snowflake fairies make art,
And sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.
But just like the snowflakes for which they are named,
No two snowflake fairies are ever the same!

Story-telling Fairy[]

Story-tellers love to spin their tales
Of fairies, mermaids, pirates, dragon scales…
They’ve gathered many stories over time
But sometimes I just wish that they could rhyme!


Butterflies are free, they cost not a thing
When the time is right, from cocoons they spring.
Across the sky they will flitter and flutter,
And despite their name, they’re not made of butter!

Lady Bugs[]

Ladybug, ladybug, where did you go
When we played hide and seek out in the snow?
I thought that you’d be very easy to spot
But all I saw was a red rock with black dots!

Pixie Hollow[]

Here, nestled in the heart of Never Land
The home of fairies is so big and grand.
And though I fly around it every day
Sometimes I need a map to find my way!

The Shop Fairy[]

Who has the latest in fashions and shoes?
Who has great items from which you can choose?
If bargains you seek, head down to the store
They’re sure to have things that you’ll just adore!

Tinker Fairy[]

They fiddle and fix, they craft and create
From ladders and wagons to kettles and plates!
They’ll carve you a flute, or mend your old door
Yes being a tinker is never a bore!

Leaf Fairy[]

In autumn it’s red, in springtime it’s green
Leaf fairies are always painting a scene!
They choose the right shade so leaves look their best
And when they’re all done, the trees are impressed!

Minister of the seasons[]

The Ministers each have their time of year
Preparing for their season to premiere.
And although sometimes they can get quite stressed,
Their seasons always turn out for the best!

Secret Messages[]

Terence tells this poem the first time the Balloon Wagon shows up.

Strange messages sometimes the wagon brings
What do they mean, these most peculiar things?
Will they bring luck, or treasure’s golden glow?
They baffle me… perhaps I’ll never know!