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This page contains transcriptions of all the stories that Rune tells in the video game Tinker Bell for the Nintendo DS. He normally tells one story each day, but some stories he will only tell during particular special events (i.e. on particular dates). The stories can be obtained quickly by "time-traveling" using your DS's settings, i.e. changing the date in order to start the game on different days. If this is done, care must be taken to save after obtaining each story to ensure that they stay on your bookshelf. There are 21 stories in total.


Rune will only tell this story when the DS system's date is set to your birthday.

It’s your arrival day, isn’t it, Tinker Bell? Every arrival day is special, and the day you arrived here in Pixie Hollow was certainly a magical day indeed! But do you know how you came to be? And do you know how the very first fairies came to be? Long ago, when the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.

And today, when a new baby laughs for the first time, a new fairy is born, and as there are always new babies there are always new fairies. Like you! Throughout our entire lives, we fairies are connected with children, and their belief in us is vitally important. So try to remember that if you should ever meet a human child!


Rune will only tell this story during the Masquerade Ball, which occurs on October 29th, 30th, and 31st.

This time of year, when the Harvest Moon is rising, fairies like to tell spooky stories but be careful you don’t scare yourself! I heard about a group of fairies who ventured into the wilderness of Never Land for a camping trip. They set up camp deep in the woods, and as night fell, they gathered around the fire to tell stories. Scary stories! Some told of two-headed snakes, or ghostly owls… then one of them told a story about a wicked smelly pirate. One with a sharp metal hook for a hand! Just then, they heard a strange noise.

Something was CLINKING and CLANKING in the dark woods nearby! The terrified fairies all hid in their tents. Was it the pirate? Or something worse? Suddenly, a shadowy form emerged from the woods…it was just Bobble, the tinker-talent fairy! He had dragged all his pots and pans along, and was making quite a racket. The fairies were relieved, but were still too scared to emerge from their tents. At least, not until Bobble whipped up a delicious cake they all could share!


Rune will only tell this story on December 31st.

One New Year’s Eve, years ago, the fairies had a grand party. But Queen Clarion noticed Iridessa off by herself, looking sad. “Whatever is the matter?” asked the Queen. “I had a terrible year!” replied Iridessa. “Like making rainbows last Spring. Silvermist would toss a mist into the air, and I’d spin light through it, but some rainbows came out crooked! And for the Summer Light Parade, I spent weeks training the fireflies. But during the parade, some of them forgot the routine, and flew around all willy-nilly! It was one disaster after another.”

The Queen smiled and said “Things aren’t always perfect, dear. But did you forget how much fun you had with Silvermist? And did you forget how your fireflies delighted everyone?” Iridessa thought for a moment. Maybe those were good times after all. And the more she thought about them, the more she smiled. “You see,” said the Queen, “Isn’t it better to look at the bright side, and think happy thoughts?” Iridessa agreed. She took the Queen’s hand, and joyfully joined the other fairies in celebration.


Rune will only tell this story on January 1st.

Sometimes a New Year can be a new chance to resolve differences. One day, a hummingbird named Twitter came to Nollie, an animal fairy, and claimed the chipmunks had stolen one of their nests. Since she spoke both bird and chipmunk languages, Nollie tried to sort things out but the birds took matters into their own wings. They attacked the chipmunks with a hail of berries, starting a battle that raged back and forth across Pixie Hollow! Soon everyone was covered in berry juice, and Nollie was at a loss. Suddenly, an alarm sounded - a hawk!

All the animals hid, and Twitter hid in the same log as a chipmunk named Nan. But the hawk landed right above their heads! The birds and chipmunks sprung into action. The birds pecked with their beaks and the chipmunks threw acorns until the hawk was driven away. Working together, they saved Twitter and Nan. They now saw that perhaps their berry battle was quite silly, after all. And as it turned out, the missing nest had been mistaken for a hat by blind old Grandfather Mole - it was on his head all along!


Rune will only tell this story during the Summer Festival, which occurs on July 6th, 7th, and 8th.

One Summer, Silvermist found a rare, white ladybug. But Rosetta said white ladybugs were bad luck, which made Silvermist very worried and soon everything began to go wrong. Sil crashed into a tree during fairy tag. She spoiled dinner while trying to help the baking fairy. And she even lost her favorite seashell! Trying to reverse her luck, Sil searched for a lucky swan feather, but it wasn’t molting season. She tried to wish away her bad fortune on the Circle Constellation, but the stars were just light fairies practicing! Then the day of the Summer Festival came.

Sil’s favorite game the water ball toss - but her first try missed the target, and soaked Queen Clarion! Silvermist was at her wits’ end. All this because of a white ladybug?! Then she realized that the more she had worried about it, the more flustered she had become - and perhaps this was her real problem. She finally let go of her worry and tossed another water ball with abandon. Bulls-eye! Silvermist finally saw that superstitions are silly. You’ll only have bad luck if you believe in bad luck!


Rune will only tell this story during the Winter Festival, which occurs on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Snowflake fairies always work together to frost the trees on the mainland. But one year, a fairy named Qana insisted on sprinkling the tallest tree in the forest all by herself. She wanted the Minister of Winter to think she was the best! However, doing it alone it took so long that she ran out of pixie dust before she could finish. And by then, the others had moved on to another part of the forest. Unable to fly without pixie dust, she set out on foot, and got lost. It started to get dark, and she heard hawks overhead.

Then she saw fairy footprints in the snow. She followed them, running faster as more and more appeared. But she quickly realized she kept passing the same tree over and over - she was going in circles, following her own footprints! Qana was about to give up hope when she took a closer look at the footprints. There were big ones and little ones and in-between ones… they weren’t all hers! She turned around, and soon ran right into all the other fairies, looking for her. She was safe once more, and from that day on, Qana promised she’d never be a selfish show-off again.


One day Cera, the water fairy, saw a group of rainclouds floating over Pixie Hollow. She had always thought it would be wonderful to have a little raincloud of her own, so she tried with all her might to call one to her. And to her surprise, it worked! A tiny raincloud began to follow her. Suddenly, she was confronted by a strange creature made of pure water: Dab, a water sprite!

Dab was the keeper of the rainclouds, and she was upset Cera had taken one. Cera tried to apologize, but Dab wanted to teach Cera a lesson. She gave Cera ALL of her rainclouds, and soon the sky over Pixie Hollow was completely darkened! Rain began to fall. Thunder boomed and lightning crackled. Cera begged Dab to take the clouds back, but Dab refused…unless Cera could answer a simple riddle: What are the three greatest treasures in Pixie Hollow? The three things fairies have, that everyone would wish to possess?


Cera scratched her head and tried to answer the water sprite’s riddle. Could one of their greatest treasures be Queen Clarion’s Crown? The Pixie Dust Tree? Pixie dust itself? But all her guesses were wrong. And meanwhile, the thundering rainstorm was wreaking havoc all over Pixie Hollow. The baking fairies’ crumpets were soaked. The laundry, hung on vines, would never dry out. And one fairy after another was coming down with a case of unruly hair from all the rain!

Cera searched everywhere for the treasures. She examined the precious jewels used by the tinker fairies in their creations. She looked at these magnificent works of the painting fairies. She even followed a rainbow all the way across Pixie Hollow, just to see if there was a pot of gold at the end! But still none of these were the answer. It seemed she’d never be able to stop the rain. She had brought disaster upon them all. And the winds were now blowing so hard that a gust suddenly scooped Cera up and carried her off into the sky, spinning out of control!


As Cera was swept into the storm, her friends came to the rescue. They used their fairy talents to bring her back and despite the rain, everyone came to see if Cera was okay. Queen Clarion decreed they should all help Cera solve the riddle of the treasures and stop the storm. Fairies brought forth everything precious to them - handcrafted tools, recipe cards, one of a kind dresses. But even these were not the answer Dab sought. Exhausted, and wishing to not bring any more misfortune on her friends, Cera decided she should leave Pixie Hollow for good, and lead the rainclouds away.

Her friends were saddened, and Cera thanked them for trying to help her - they had shown tremendous talent, friendship, and love. Suddenly, she had the answer! The three treasures of the fairies were talent, friendship, and love! Dab congratulated her, and the water sprite finally led the raincloud away. The sun shone in Pixie Hollow again. In the end, Cera discovered that the greatest treasures are not things you hold in your hands, but things you hold in your heart.


Animal fairies Fawn and Nollie loved nothing better than playing pranks on each other. One time, Nollie slyly tied a tiny whistle to Fawn’s wing, so a strange sound followed her all day. Fawn got her back by replacing Nollie’s shampoo with maple syrup. Then Nollie sprinkled pixie dust on Fawn’s breakfast, so it floated away as she tried to eat it. And Fawn switched Nollie’s clothes with bigger and bigger sizes so Nollie thought she was shrinking. Back and forth it went…

until one morning, Nollie came to compliment Fawn’s latest prank: Everything in Nollie’s room had been turned upside-down while she slept! Furniture, pictures on the wall, even lamps and cups and pitchers! Nollie had no idea how Fawn did it without waking her, and she was impressed. But Fawn had no idea what Nollie was talking about… because she didn’t do it! Fawn and Nollie slowly realized that there must be another trickster in Pixie Hollow. But who?


Fawn and Nollie tried to figure out who the mysterious trickster was. They went down a list of suspects - Rosetta, Luminaria, even Terence, who had been known to play a prank or two. However, none of them would admit anything. What if the trickster wasn’t even a fairy? What if it was a ghost? And when they woke the day, they got another surprise - both of their homes had been slimed, floor to ceiling, with green goo! They followed the trail of goo through Pixie Hollow and found a large, empty jar of kiwifruit jam.

This must be the work of a fellow fairy trying to scare them! But they still didn’t know who it was, and were starting to get worried. They decided that Nollie would sleep over at Fawn’s that night, so they could look out for each other. But when Fawn awoke the next morning, she was no longer in her bed - she was sleeping on a table in the middle of the kitchen! Somehow, the trickster had moved her while she slept, and all without waking Nollie either! Clearly, they were dealing with a genius. But Fawn now had a plan to catch the trickster…


Fawn and Nollie borrowed reams of spiderweb netting and dozens of tiny bells, and built traps to ensnare the trickster. As night fell, they set the traps around their homes and hid, waiting for the bells to tell them they’d caught their prey. They waited. And waited. And waited. Fawn was getting sleepy, and finally dozed off. She had no idea how long she’d been asleep when suddenly, she was jolted awake by the jingling of the bells! “What happened? Did we catch the trickster? Who is it?” She looked around, groggy, but all she saw was Nollie’s stunned face.

“Fawn…the trickster is… you!” Then Fawn realized she was stuck in a spiderweb trap. “You were sleep-flying!” said Nollie. “I saw you get up and flutter toward my home, and straight into the trap!” Fawn was amazed. It must have been her all along! They were both relieved the mystery was solved. The next night, Fawn hung bells on her windows and doors, so she’d wake herself up if she did any more sleep-flying. But since she wasn’t worried about the mystery trickster any more, she slept as sound as a sloth.


Many years ago, preparations for Autumn were under way. It was an especially bountiful harvest that year, so fairies were working day and night, and everyone relied on the light-talent fairies to light Pixie Hollow when it got dark. Busiest of all was Luminaria - a very bright fairy who sometimes took on a little too much by herself. She enjoyed her work, but like all light fairies, her energy was limited. If she pushed herself too hard, her glow would fade. Usually, she had the fireflies to help her light Pixie Hollow, but something was wrong with the fireflies this year.

They had all come down with the rare No-Fire-Flu, so none of them were able to glow - and the light fairies were already stretched to their limit! Then they heard a joyous sound. Laughter! A baby’s first laugh was drifting down into Pixie Hollow, bringing with it a new fairy. To everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t just one fairy - it was the Triplets! And to Luminaria’s delight, the Triplets were all light fairies! Finally, she’d have more help. But were they to be as helpful as she hoped?


The Triplets, being newly-arrived fairies, were full of energy and curiosity. Everything was fascinating to them, and they could easily get into trouble. As Luminaria gave them a tour of Pixie Hollow, she began to wonder if they might be more of a nuisance than a help to her. She showed them the workshop, but the Triplets accidentally set some tinker tools on fire with their bright glow. She showed them the lush gardens of Rosetta and Olwen, but the Triplets frightened all the flowers with their boisterous play.

And when she showed them where the healing-talent fairies were mixing potions, the Triplets clumsily poked around, and spilled an elixir that could cure the No-Fire-Flu! Now it would be weeks before the fireflies could get well. Finally, Luminaria’s patience ran out. She sent the Triplets to their home and told them to stay out of the way. She simply had too much to do, and she thought they were nothing but trouble. The Triplets were sad, and still thought they could help, but they listened to Luminaria and went home.


Though she was exhausted from dealing with the Triplets, Luminaria still had one big task. She had to escort the mining-talent fairies into Crystal Cave, so they could mine the minerals needed to prepare for the season. The cave was dark and deep. Luminaria thought she had enough glow left, but the further they went into the mine, the more her glow faded. Finally, her glow went out - she was too tired to hold any more light! She and the miners were trapped in total darkness, with no hope of finding their way out. Luminaria felt terrible. This was all her fault!

Suddenly, they heard giggling echo through the cave and saw a glow coming their way. It was the Triplets! Despite Luminaria’s request, they had followed her into the cave. And it was a good thing, too, for the Triplets were able to guide Luminaria and the miners out. The Triplets were sorry for how they behaved before, but Luminaria forgave them. She should have been more understanding, and shouldn’t have tried to do everything herself. Luminaria was finally able to get some rest, and the Triplets helped to make that Autumn one of the best seasons ever.


Rosetta the garden fairy and Fawn the animal fairy could hardly be more different. And in fact, there was a time when they just didn’t understand each other at all. Rosetta liked nothing better than doing her hair and tending her garden, and Fawn loved to play acorn-ball and wrestle with skunks. So when the Queen invited them for a formal dinner, Rosetta thought it would be fun - but Fawn certainly did not. She had no clue how to handle a formal dinner! But Rosetta made a deal with Fawn: If you let me help you get ready for the dinner, tomorrow we’ll do whatever you think is fun.

Fawn agreed, and Rosetta had a ball giving Fawn a makeover. She had a brand-new dress made for Fawn, combed the tangles out of her hair, and got her the softest pair of rose-petal shoes. Fawn thought the dress was itchy, and the shoes, though comfy, were no good for acorn-ball. When they arrived at the Queen’s dinner, however, everyone was amazed at how beautiful Fawn looked. Fawn was very happy with the reaction she got, and Rosetta was thrilled for her. But the next day was Fawn’s turn.


Fawn woke Rosetta up at the crack of dawn. Rosetta, deep in beauty sleep, was already regretting her deal with Fawn. Fawn made Rosetta put on a blindfold, which made Rosetta wary. What craziness had Fawn cooked up? Fawn led her across Pixie Hollow and deep into the forest for a rough-and-tumble wilderness adventure. They raced on frogs through a boggy marsh - and Rosetta, a novice in the saddle, fell off her frog and plopped in the mud. They went hunting for wild strawberries, and Rosetta tore her hand-made dress on a thorny bush.

They were surprised by a hairy spider dropping right into their path, scaring Rosetta out of her wits - though it was only a baby one, and meant them no harm. Throughout it all, Fawn was laughing with glee… but Rosetta grew more and more sour. This was not her idea of fun at all, and she didn’t understand how Fawn could think it was fun. Finally, she’d had enough. This had been the worst day every, and all Rosetta wanted was to go home.


Fawn was shocked Rosetta wasn’t having as much fun as she was. But if Rosetta wanted to go home, Fawn would go along. They headed home, with Rosetta caked in mud, dress torn, and still jittery from her run-in with the spider. Just then, Fawn fell down a mole hole - and her wings got stuck. Rosetta looked down into the muddy pit, and saw that it was filled with creepy worms! Though she’d exceeded her gross-out-limit for the day, Rosetta knew her friend needed help- so she crawled into the worm-filled hole and helped Fawn wriggle free.

Fawn was impressed. Sure, Fawn had been afraid of getting all dressed up in an itchy dress for the Queen’s dinner, but she thought Rosetta was much braver with the worms. Rosetta thought Fawn was just as brave… and she even admitted she’d had some fun today, after all. When they returned to Pixie Hollow, Fawn organized a special dinner in Rosetta’s honor, and the day that started so badly for Rosetta ended up being a pretty good one. Even though they’re still quite different fairies, Fawn and Rosetta remain close friends to this day.


Many seasons ago, there was to be a grand party to celebrate Queen Clarion’s arrival day. All the fairies were helping to prepare… all except for Vidia. Several days before, Vidia had taken more than her fair share of pixie dust - because the pixie dust helped her fly faster, and Vidia always wanted to be the fastest. The Queen had scolded her in front of everyone, and Vidia was still upset about it.

So as all the other fairies looked forward to the party with giddy anticipation, Vidia snarled “I’d rather snatch the crown off Queen Clarion’s head than attend that silly party, anyway!” Well, sure enough, as the party preparations came together, the Queen’s crown went missing! And guess who the other fairies blamed first. That’s right - Vidia.


Everyone was upset with Vidia. Everyone assumed she was the culprit. They knew she was the surliest fairy in Pixie Hollow, but to steal the Queen’s crown was going too far. Vidia insisted she had nothing to do with it. The Queen told her she must prove her innocence, or be banished from Pixie Hollow! So Vidia searched far and wide for the crown. She questioned every fairy who might have seen it or touched it.

She soon learned that the crown had been taken in a velvet pouch to the tinkers for repairs, but it was never returned. Chipper was there at the time - but as she told Vidia, she was hammering quite loudly, and didn’t even hear the delivery fairy dropping it off! But she did remember giving Bobble some scraps of things to be melted down. Vidia was horrified - had the Queen’s crown already been melted?! If it had, Vidia could never prove she didn’t steal it…


Vidia raced to Bobble’s scrap pile, looking for the Queen’s crown. Bobble did not remember seeing it either - but he did remember the velvet pouch. He didn’t know anything was in it, and sent it to the laundry fairies for cleaning! Vidia flew as fast as she could to the laundry fairies. They remembered seeing the crown, but they thought it was simply part of the costumes for the Queen’s party, and put it in a huge pile of other tiaras and hair accessories.

Vidia furiously searched through the pile - and at long last, she found the Queen’s crown! It was safely returned to the Queen, who thanked Vidia for finding it. Embarrassed that they were so quick to judge, all the fairies apologized for blaming Vidia. So you see, sometimes people are not as bad as they seem…