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Quests were a fun way to earn new items and usually learn more about the game. They helped give a new take on those tutorials and tended to feature a nice amount of backstory as well. Quests could be received from Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, Marina, Kit, and Elixa. You may have finished multiple quests/steps at once if several told you to go to the same fairy or do the same task. However, you could only receive one quest per fairy at a time. Most of the quests were for members only but there was at least one quest per fairy that everyone could do.

Elixa's Quests[]


  • Itchy Wingtip
  • Winter Wind Sore Throat
  • Blinking Cough
  • Rumbly Tummy Ache
  • Honeycomb Tummy Ache
  • No Flavor Flu


  • Sore Antenna Ache
  • Tingle Toes
  • Spring Tingle Sore Throat
  • Dainty Lady Cough
  • Ticklish Tummy Ache
  • Buttercup Tummy Ache
  • Dizzy Dot Flu
  • Shiver Wing Flu


  • Tingling Hum Loss
  • Itchy Stuffy Beak
  • Prickly Wing
  • Autumn Raspy Sore Throat
  • Sneezy Cough
  • Purple Feather Tummy Ache
  • Blueberry Tummy Ache
  • Hummer Hover Flu
  • Feather Fall Flu


  • Shaky Flutter Shutter
  • Summery Sun Sore Throat
  • Tail-Twist Cough
  • Tender Tummy Ache
  • Meadow Grass Tummy Ache
  • Flapping Flu
  • Fading Flu

Fawn's Quests[]

Story Quests[]

Trade Quests[]

Iridessa's Quests[]

Story Quests[]

  • Ever Blossom Rescue!
  • Fussy Fireflies
  • Getting in Truffle
  • Iridessa's Color Calamity (All Fairies
  • Iridessa's Shadow Play
  • Light-Talent Revue
  • Playing Talent Games (All Fairies)
  • Twinkle Twinkle (Part 1)
  • Twinkle Twinkle (Part 2)

Trade Quests[]

  • Never Mine Lights
  • Rare Rainbows
  • Twilight Glow
  • Twinkle Tops

Kit's Quests[]

Mainland Quests[]

  • Mainland Quests
  • A Delicious Drawing
  • A Picture of Friendship
  • A Poem for a Friend
  • A Soaring Story
  • A Tree You Can Trust
  • A Wishing Story
  • Animal Acting
  • Be Helpful
  • Brand New Games
  • Bubble Business
  • Bud Hunt
  • Buggy Feelers
  • Count the Branches
  • Counting Rings
  • Dig It
  • Dream Story
  • Fairy Sing-a-Long
  • Feast Fun
  • Find a Pinecone
  • Flappy Facts
  • Flippy Pixie Dixie
  • Fluffy Cloud Shapes
  • Funny Faces
  • Glowing Compliments
  • Growing Friendship
  • Growing to Admire You
  • Hug a Tree
  • Leaf Hunt
  • Leaf Rub
  • Let's Make Gold
  • Mainland Twigs
  • Petal Code
  • Poor Little Skunk
  • Rainbow Picture
  • Shell Quest
  • Sunbeam Smooch
  • Talk to the Animals
  • Talk to the Wind
  • Time for Tea
  • Tweet Tweet!
  • Wave a Wand
  • Wishing Star
  • Worm Quest

Marina's Quests[]

Story Quests[]

Trade Quests[]

Rosetta's Quests[]

Story Quests[]

  • Buttercup Bouqet
  • Flapping Contest
  • Loony Ladybugs
  • Lumpy Trouble
  • Misson: Fashion
  • More Fashion
  • Rosetta's Roses (All Fairies)
  • Spring-Up Perfume
  • Spring-Up Stuff
  • Staring Contest
  • Summerscent Harvest
  • Talk About Tailoring (All Fairies)

Trade Quests[]

  • Flower Petal Panic
  • Seeds for Sorting
  • Fashion Favors
  • Rosetta's Perfect Mix

Silvermist's Quests[]

Story Quests[]

Trade Quests[]

Tinker Bell's Quests[]

Story Quests[]

  • Fairy Friends Forever (Event only)
  • Fawn's Fairy Flu
  • Feeding Flappy
  • Fluffy Stuff Collection
  • Girl Stuff
  • Great Games Challenge (Event only)
  • Mending Friendships
  • Petal Exchange
  • Restocking Tinker's Nook
  • Sky High Cake (All Fairies)
  • Sunflower Seed Search
  • Tea Time for Tink
  • Tea Trade
  • Tink Tidies Up
  • Tink's Wind Widget
  • Tinker Tool Repair
  • Tinker with Tink (All Fairies)
  • Tinker Bell's Tinker Marker
  • Tinker Bell's Super Shoes
  • Welcome to Pixie Hollow (All Fairies)

           Dust Depot Duties[]

  • More Mixing Pots
  • Late Night Light
  • Mouse Munchies
  • Chilly Critter Cross

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