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Changing of the Leaves Event - Tinker Bell and Sweet Pea

Tinker Bell and Sweet Pea during the Changing of the Leaves

Events in Pixie Hollow are celebrations and/or holidays that are often similar to the ones celebrated on the Mainland. They are often centered around the seasons, nature, and animals.

They were typically announced by Sweet Pea in the Never News on Pixie Hollow Online.

Traditional Events[]

The list of traditional (reoccurring) fairy events are:

  • Fairy Friendship Festival
    • It is similar to the Mainland holiday, Valentine's Day, except it celebrates friendship over romance.
  • Silly Days
    • It is similar to the Mainland's holiday, "April Fools". However, it lasts for several days rather than just one.
  • Never Dove Egg Hunt
    • It is similar to the Mainland celebration known as Easter.
  • Nature Days
    • This holiday is similar to the Mainland celebration known as "Earth Day".
  • Animal Mother's Day
  • Summer Splash Party
  • The Pixie Hollow Games
    • In the past, this holiday has been referred to by the Never Council as "Sports Camp" and "The Great Games"
  • End-of-Summer Sparkler
    • An end-of-season celebration that takes place in Acorn Summit and Springtime Orchard each year. Both meadows get decorated with lights.
      • This celebration signals that the Changing of the Leaves will take place soon.
    • The most popular game for fairies to play during this celebration is Firefly Light-Up
  • Autumn Revelry
    • This event only happens once every eight years. It is celebrated throughout Autumn Forest.
  • Animal Masquerade Ball
    • According to Sweet Pea's report in the Never News, fairies first adopted "Trick-or-Treating" from the Mainland in 2010. However, the tradition of the Animal Masquerade existed before that.
    • Due to the addition of "Trick-or-Treating" (on top of the Animal Masquerade tradition of dressing up in animal costumes), this holiday is incredibly similar to the Mainland's celebration of Halloween.
  • Fairy Feast
    • Formerly known as the "Autumn Jubilee", this event is a big harvest festival celebrated in Havendish Square and Autumn Forest.
    • It is the Never Fairy equivalent to the Mainland holiday, Thanksgiving.
  • The Great Winter Light Up
    • A festival of lights that takes place during the preparation of the Winter Wonderland Party.

Seasonal Celebrations[]

Every Never Fairy who resides in Pixie Hollow works hard to bring the seasons to the Mainland. With every successful season-change, the fairies celebrate!

These seasonal celebrations are held on the first day of each season. They are:

  • Winter: The Winter Wonderland Party
  • Spring: Spring Celebration (Formerly called the Clover Celebration)
  • Summer: Summer Garden Tea Party
  • Autumn: Changing of the Leaves

Arrival Day Celebrations[]

Arrival Days are typically celebrated on an individual level. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Tinker Bell's arrival day, which was celebrated throughout Pixie Hollow on Pixie Hollow Online in October 2008
  • The creator of Huckleberry Shortcake, whose Arrival Day is celebrated each year.

One-Time-Only Events[]

Welcome Home Party Event

Occasionally, there were one-time events featured in Pixie Hollow Online that were tie-ins/promotions for the Disney Fairies film series.

These include:

There were other events in-game that weren't related to the movies, yet only occurred once. These events were:

  • Berry Harvest Festival
  • Mermaid Party
  • Sweet Week
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Art Month (January)


  • The first event to ever be celebrated on Pixie Hollow Online was the "Berry Harvest Festival".
    • With its focus on harvesting (and similar date of occurrence), this festival was likely the predecessor to the Fairy Feast.
  • The Autumn Revelry is the only traditional event that also only happened once in Pixie Hollow Online.
    • This is because Pixie Hollow Online was shut down before another Autumn Revelry could take place.