This is a list of the books published about Disney Fairies.

Novels by Gail Carson Levine

Chapter Books

This series of short chapter books is published by Random House under the banner "Tales of Pixie Hollow". These books are typically ten chapters in length, and have a few illustrations. These are the books in order by publication date.

  1. The Trouble with Tink by Kiki Thorpe
  2. Beck and the Great Berry Battle by Laura Driscoll
  3. Vidia and the Fairy Crown by Laura Driscoll
  4. Lily’s Pesky Plant by Kirsten Larsen
  5. Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon by Lisa Papademetriou
  6. Fira and the Full Moon by Gail Herman
  7. Tinker Bell Takes Charge by Eleanor Fremont (included in Tinker Bell: Two Pirate Tales, published separately by HarperCollins)
  8. A Masterpiece for Bess by Lara Bergen
  9. Prilla and the Butterfly Lie by Kitty Richards
  10. Rani and the Three Treasures by Kimberly Morris (included in Rani: Two Friendship Tales, published separately by HarperCollins)
  11. Tink, North of Never Land by Kiki Thorpe
  12. Beck Beyond the Sea by Kimberly Morris
  13. Dulcie’s Taste of Magic by Gail Herman
  14. Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse by Gail Herman
  15. Fawn and the Mysterious Trickster by Laura Driscoll
  16. Rosetta’s Daring Day by Lisa Papademetriou
  17. Iridessa, Lost at Sea by Lisa Papademetriou
  18. Queen Clarion’s Secret by Kimberly Morris
  19. Myka Finds Her Way by Gail Herman
  20. Lily in Full Bloom by Laura Driscoll
  21. Vidia Meets Her Match by Kiki Thorpe
  22. Four Clues for Rani by Catherine Daly
  23. Trill Changes Her Tune by Gail Herman
  24. Tink in a Fairy Fix by Kiki Thorpe
  25. Rosetta’s Dress Mess Laura Driscoll
  26. Art Lessons by Bess by Amy Vincent (included in Bess: Two Colorful Tales)
  27. Iridessa and the Secret of the Never Mine by Nnedi Okorafor

Step Into Reading books

The Never Girls Series

These are a series of books written by Kiki Thorpe and Illustrated by Jana Chrisy and published by Random House. The series follows four girls and their adventures in Pixie Hollow and features many of the Never Fairy characters.

Informational Books

Other books

Graphic Novels

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