Iridessa Manipulating Light 2

Iridessa manipulates a shaft of light.

Light-talent fairies can control and bend light at will, such as moving sunbeams into a different position and catching dots of light from a light source (be it the sun or moon). They may also look directly at the sun without burning their eyes, and can even control the light intensity, making fire and burning. Light fairies are quick-witted and literally "bright". They are perfectionists who love to be in the spotlight. Light-talent fairies are responsible for keeping Pixie Hollow aglow and bright after the sun sets. One of their abilities is to create and manipulate rainbows. They collect pieces of light from the sun and then use them to light up fireflies. They also train them to work as lanterns and torches.

They are born having the understanding of constellations and are expert navigators and are by far the brightest creatures of Pixie Hollow. The phases of the moon affect the strength of a light-talent fairy's magic. During full moons, their skills are most powerful. And during a new moon, their magic is at the weakest.


Known Light-talent fairies


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