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Iridessa Manipulating Light 2
Light-talents keep Pixie Hollow aglow! They are strong, natural leaders who add sparkle wherever they go.

Light-talent fairies are Never Fairies who can control and bend light at will, such as moving sunbeams into a different position and catching dots of light from a light source (be it the sun, moon or even car headlights[1]). Looking directly at the sun without adverse effects[2] or understanding Lightlogy[3] is also exclusive to light-talents. Quick-witted and literally bright, they are perfectionists who love to be in the spotlight. Those responsible for keeping Pixie Hollow aglow and bright after sundown, light fairies also loves to train fireflies to work as lanterns and torches.[4] One of their special abilities is to create and manipulate rainbows.[3] They keeps them in Rainbow Tubes, courtesy of Clank and Bobble, a pair of tinker-talent sparrowmen. Light Fairies plays a very important keyhole with their abilities of manipulating light at will; they mostly use it to make flora and vegetation in general to be able to make photosynthesis and thrive. However, only in warm-weather seasons such as Spring, Summer (especially) and Autumn. Winter is known to be the resposability of Winter Fairies under the Minister of Winter (formerly) and Lord Milori (currently)'s supervision.

Talent Overview[]

Finding Light-talent

Light-talent guild's symbol as seen in Tinker Bell (2008) film

They are born having the understanding of constellations and are expert navigators; Light fairies are also are by far the brightest creatures of Pixie Hollow. The phases of the moon affect the strength of a light-talent fairy's magic. During full moons, their skills are most powerful. And during a new moon, their magic is at the weakest. Altering light's intensity is something all light fairies can do, which can set things ablaze with ease if they don't control it properly. According to Iridessa, summer is a light fairy's busiest season.[5] Also, during spring, they use their sunbeam channeling gift to melt away snow blankets so Garden fairies can start their work to regrow the dormant vegetation. Light fairies are also said to be more resistant to UV rays and can stand in the sun for longer than non-Light-talents without getting sunburnt.[ Reference Needed. ]

Light-talent fairies lives and work primarily at Sunflower Meadow, the perfect place to catch dots of sun pieces, feed glowbugs and or enjoying creating rainbows. Light-talents also likes to play with balls of light with each other at sundown.[6]

This guild's symbol is a fairy-sized light ball and the color is yellow.[7]



  • Feeding fireflies with dots of sunlight.[7]
  • Moving sunbeams into different positions.[8]
  • Creating and shaping rainbows.[3]
  • Using Rainbow Tubes.[7]
  • Training fireflies to work as lanterns and torches after the sun sets down in Never Land (Pixie Hollow).[4]
  • Melting away snow blankets during spring.[7]
  • Capturing moonlight pieces.[9]
  • Redistributing the correct amount of light to whatever plant in need of it.[10]
  • Filling silverbells with sunshine to evade darkness in a fairy's home[ Reference Needed. ] or in a Fairy Camp.[1]


Known Light-talent fairies[]

Talent Symbols[]

Upon a fairy's arrival, each talent is represented by an object for them to choose from. If a Never Fairy is born to be a Light-Talent, then they will be able to hold a glowing orb of light. Only Light-Talents are capable of doing this, as shown in Tinker Bell (film), when Tinker Bell fails to hold the daylight Iridessa captured for her. Since this is an ability exclusive to Light-Talents, balls of light are considered their symbols.

Light-Talent Flag

The Light-talent's flag used in the Pixie Hollow Games

In the films, Light-Talents are typically represented by hues of yellow and orange. This can be seen through their clothes, as they wear mostly yellow & orange throughout the movies. These colors are also used in their flag for the Pixie Hollow Games, which features the sun on a orange/yellow striped background. In the fourth sequel, Zarina's Light-Talent Dust is a bright amber yellow as well, although Tinker Bell originally refers it to as being orange in color.[11]

In the books, however, Light-Talents wear multiple colors.



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