Iridessa Manipulating Light 2

Iridessa manipulates a shaft of light.

fairies are by far the brightest creatures in all of Pixie Hollow and in Never Land. They have the ability to touch, bend, manipulate, control, and create light for various purposes, such as moving sunbeams into a different position and catching dots of light from a light source. Another special skill these fairies have is the ability to create rainbows, though sometimes with the help of water-talent fairies. They may also look directly at the sun without burning their eyes, unlike other creatures.[citation needed] These fairies are born having the understanding of constellations and are expert navigators.[citation needed]

The phases of the moon affect the strength of a light-talent fairy's magic. During full moons, their skills are most powerful. And during a new moon, their magic is at the weakest.[citation needed]

Light fairies are quick-witted and literally "bright". They are perfectionists who love to be in the spotlight, being the stars of celebratory light shows in Pixie Hollow. These fairies often put on dazzling light shows and performances on special events.[1] At these times, their glows are so brilliant that clumsy sailors out on the ocean have mistaken them for flashes of lightning over the horizon.[citation needed]


Iridessa lighting up fireflies with multi-colored light beams coming from a diamond

Light-talent fairies are responsible for keeping Pixie Hollow aglow and bright after the sun sets. They collect pieces of light from the sun and then use them to light up fireflies.[2] They train fireflies and glow worms to work as lanterns and torches, in order to aid fairies in the dark.[3] Light fairies even work overtime to light up Pixie Hollow themselves with their own glow.[4] Their glows become fainter after much intense glowing, but will soon restore normal radiance once they get plenty of rest.[3]

Wardrobe & Appearance

Light-talent fairies are frequently shown wearing yellows (sometimes with a bit of orange) and pastel colors. Their clothes are usually made from sunflower petals.  Also, they glow brighter than other fairies.[5]



Known light-talent fairies


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