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Leeta is a Fast-flying-talent fairy.



In Vidia Meets Her Match Leeta was the fast-flying-fairy who introduced herself to Wisp, the newly-born member of their group. She was immediately hostile to Vidia, who saw her as a bore and not that fast, and told Wisp to avoid her. Vidia overheard some of what Leeta said, and was first amused, then annoyed to actually hear insults targeted at her.

She is not seen for the rest of the story, which focuses entirely on Vidia and Wisp.

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  • Her name may derive from a longer name such as Roselita or Lolita, or it may be a variant of the Latin name Leta, meaning "gladly."
  • Leeta is one of the few fast-flying-talents other than Vidia to be mentioned in the book series.