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Leaf Rub is a quest you can get from Kit. Like Kit's other quests, it is designed to be performed on the Mainland only. You have to complete the other Mainland Quests before you can start this quest. The quest has one step and was released on March 26, 2009.

Quest Guide[]

Kit: "Did you ever notice that leaves have little lines all over them? Those are called leaf veins, and they can be really pretty."
"That gives me a Mainland quest idea! After you leave Pixie Hollow today, make some leaf rubs!"
"Get a piece of paper and a pencil, and put a flat leaf under the paper. Then hold the pencil sideways so it’s flat, and rub the pencil back and forth on the paper with the leaf underneath."
"Watch what happens! Ready to try it?"

Step 1[]

Kit: "Flitterific! Be sure to bring a parent if you go outside to look for leaves. Let me know how it goes!"

Use a leaf, paper and pencil to make a leaf rub. Be sure to bring a parent if you go outside to look for leaves.

Story So Far Kit wants you to make a leaf rub.

Once you log out of Pixie Hollow, make a leaf rub.

After 24-hours, log back in and visit Kit again. She will ask you if you have completed the task:

Kit: "I’m right here! Did you make a leaf rub?"

Select: I sure did!

Kit: "I bet it looks great! Try this next -- fill a whole page with leaf rubs and use that paper to wrap a present for a friend!"
"I have to LEAF now, okay? See ya. Hee hee!"


You'll receive a point toward your Kit Mainland Quests Badges.