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Lainey is smart, timid, and easily tongue-tied, but also thoughtful and loyal. She absolutely loves animals. The other girls like that Lainey will almost always go a long with their games, but she might surprise them by being brave in key moments.

In the Books[]

Lainey is the main focus in a few of the Never Girls books. She first noticed the worlds merging when she noticed flamingos flying over Mia's house. And in The Space Between she also noticed one of the fairies lost mouse in her house. She also helped attempt to capture a flamingo that was causing havoc in Mia and Gabby's backyard.

In The Woods Beyond, she is captured and befriends the lost boys after leaving her friends. She introduces them all later.

In Into the Waves, Lainey is finally able to get a pet of her own, a goldfish. She brings it along with her to Pixie Hollow but she looses it in Havendish Stream. With the help of her friends, Fawn, and Rani, they all set off to go find it.

And in Through the Dark Forest, Lainey volunteers to go with Mia in her search to help give light back to the sprites.