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a white ladybug

Ladybug is a species of animal seen in Neverland and Mainland.


Motion Pictures[]

In Tinker Bell (film), many ladybugs can be seen being painted by Animal-talent fairies, and later by Tinker Bell's paint sprayer invention.

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (film), a ladybug was used as a siren/alarm for the workers in the Pixie Dust Mill.

In Secret of the Wings (film), a green ladybug was used as an office bell at the receptionist desk.

In Tink Gets Bugged (short), a ladybug can be seen in logo and in the short three ladybugs were scared by a cricket.


White Ladybug

The White Ladybug on Silvermist's head

In Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse, it explains that a white ladybug is something very rare and hardly ever seen, however, it brings bad luck to whoever sees or finds it, though no fairy is certain if this is true. There are books about it in the library.


Tinkerbell adventures card - lady bug

ladybug card as seen in Tinker Bell's Adventure

In Tinker Bell's Adventure (desktop game), a ladybug card was available and a ladybug can be seen in Springtime Square.

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