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Kassidy Kristin "Kate" McCrady is the default leader of the Never Girls. She’s charismatic, energetic, and athletic. She adores sports and games, and is almost Peter-Pan like in her love of adventure. It’s through Kate’s curiosity and initiative that the girls end up in Never Land in the first place. Kate can be headstrong and sometimes overconfident, but she loves her friends.

In the Books[]

Kate is the main focus in a few of the Never Girls books. In the first book she is tricked by Vidia into giving her more pixie dust.

In From the Mist, Kate is thought to have been kidnapped by a Mist Horse and is taken all over Never Land by riding on its back.

In Far From Shore, Kate urges the group to follow Peter Pan. Kate later realizes that it wasn’t fun without friends, she misses her friends, and feels bad for mistreating her friends and forcing them to go along on his adventures even after they said they didn't want to. Even after they left to go back to Pixie Hollow, they did wait for her and forgave her when she returned.

In In the Game, Kate still has pixie dust on her when she's at soccer practice and does an incredible feat that the team hopes she can do again for the game. Feeling guilty about it, she tries to acquire more pixie dust to try to help her with her soccer match, only to have lost it and dropped it on a dog.

In A Fairy's Fire, Kate befriends Necia who saves her from a swarm of bees. She promises to keep Necia's secret, that she was practicing her talent alone, from the rest of the fairies. She feels awful when Queen Clarion forbids Necia from using her talent after a fire in the orchard is blamed on her. She can't decide whether or not to tell everyone Necia's secret, that she didn't start the fire because she was with Necia who was practicing her talent, or keep her secret like she promised.

In A Fairy's Gift, Kate and Mia have a falling out when Mia's cousin arrives for the holiday and Mia starts spending more time with her instead of helping them try to save the fairies.