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Jerome is a dust-keeper sparrowman, he has appeared briefly a few times.



In The Trouble with Tink (2006), Tally had tagged him in the game of fairy tag making the dust-talents "it."

In Tinker Bell Takes Charge (2006), he aids Terence in spreading dust all over a giant balloon meant to rid the courtyard of a large cannonball

In Four Clues for Rani (2011), he was Beck's partner in the Fairy Treasure Hunt. He seemed to be impatient to start when Beck had to explain Brother Dove and Cousin Dove to Rani.


Jerome and Thistle

In Tinker Bell to the Rescue (2010), Jerome has a crush on the garden fairy, Thistle. Jerome meet Thistle when regretted the bad things she has done with Tink. Both starts to develop feelings for each other. Jerome talks with her, for Thistle to apologize to Tinker Bell and go back to the Home Tree.


In Welcome to Pixie Hollow (2012),

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