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Iridessa, Lost at Sea is the seventeenth chapter book in the Disney Fairies franchise.


How did super-orderly Iridessa get into such a fix? First, Tink's crazy idea to take a pirate bottle from Captain Hook goes horribly wrong. Then, in the flutter of a fairy's wing, Iridessa and Tink find themselves trapped inside the bottle, floating forlornly on the ocean waves! But as they bob along, the bottle crosses paths with all sorts of unusual sea life, from green turtles to flying fish to beautiful, but selfish, mermaids. And gradually, Iridessa learns something new--a little adventure isn't such a bad thing!

The story begins with Iridessa being charged with removing a deadly owl from Pixie Hollow. Her idea: to use light-talent magic to create a permanent sense of daylight in the owl's nest, causing it to leave. Unfortunately, they need a large bottom- this gives Tinker Bell the idea to steal one. Unfortunately, both girls end up trapped inside for the majority of the novel.

The book features numerous arguments between orderly Iridessa and the wild, unpredictable Tink, and the two friends end up at odds frequently. They come to terms in the end, having saved themselves and come up with the fix together.

This is one of the few chapter books named for one fairy to feature another in such a prominent role- Iridessa shares the majority of her scenes with Tink.