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Iridessa's Glade

Iridessa's Glade is located in Sunflower Gully.

It is where Iridessa lives, and you can find her here, and you can ask her for quests or just chat and she will tell you various things about Light-talents.


Story Quests[]

  • Ever Blossom Rescue!
  • Fussy Fireflies
  • Getting in Truffle
  • Iridessa's Color Calamity (all Fairies)
  • Iridessa's Shadow Play
  • Light-Talent Revue
  • Playing Talent Games (all Fairies)
  • Twinkle Twinkle (Part 1)
  • Twinkle Twinkle (Part 2)

Trade Quests[]

  • Never Mine Lights
  • Rare Rainbows
  • Twilight Glow
  • Twinkle Tops