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Iridessa's Firefly Fun is a Mini-game, currently available in Disney LOL - Tinker Bell Games.


Characters: Iridessa;

Fauna: Firefly;

Locations: Summer Glade;


Click with the mouse cursor on the fireflies in the order given of the tune. Three chances are given per level. If clicking one wrongly the game shows the same order again. Losing all three chances the game is over. The levels follows:

Level Fireflies Tunes
1 4 (red, green, blue, yellow) 1 to 5
2 5 (previous + orange) 3 to 7
3 5 (previous + pink) 5 to 9

In levels 2 and 3 the fireflies move from right to left in a circle. In level 3 two change places randomly.


In Summer Glade, Iridessa's firefly friends like to keep her Light-talent skills bright by challenging her memory with music/tune and light.


  • If clicking "How to Play" it does not show the intro of the mini-game story/text.
  • This game has a similar theme to Firefly Light-Up.