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"Have you ever seen a fairy? Do you know... where they come from, how they live, or what they do for fun?" - from the back cover.

In the Realm of the Never Fairies - The Secret World of Pixie Hollow is an informational book that explains and details some of the myths of the Disney Fairies franchise.

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Fairy dance

"MAGIC MIGHT BE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. For just beyond the world you see, there is another world where the air shimmers with pixie dust and the impossible happens every day. Far beyond the horizon, on the magical island of Never Land, there is a patch of forest called Pixie Hollow. Never fairies have lived in these enchanted woods for as long as anyone can remember, in a realm that is all their own.

Here, butterfly-herding fairies guide their flocks to fields of flowers. Water fairies create symphonies from the tiniest trickles of water. Harvest fairies collect honeysuckle nectar by hand, and animal fairies chat with hummingbirds in their own language. For among the Never fairies, there is a talent for every task, and each thing the fairies do is touched with magic.

Now you can step into Pixie Hollow and take a good look around, with this complete guide to the fascinating world of the Never fairies. Learn what fairies eat for dinner, where pixie dust comes from, how to cure the fairy flu, and much more. With loads of fairy facts, profiles of your favorite fairies, and beautiful illustrations on every page, this is the ultimate guide for anyone who believes in fairies." - font Goodreads.


The book focus on Never fairies but it also mentions: Great/Lesser Wanded fairy, Giant Shimmering fairy, both born the same way as Never fairies yet being more common as they stay in the mainland instead of traveling distances till reaching Never Land.

Ten fairies are feature containing short information about them e.g. talent, likes, dislikes, flower, etc. Featured fairies: Beck, Bess, Fira, Lily, Prilla, Queen Clarion, Rani, Terence, Tinker Bell, Vidia. Other fairies seen in the illustrations or are briefly mentioned are: Dulcie, Iris, Rosetta, Fawn.

Bellow is a summary of the subjects present in the book.


Sparkle Profile

Sparkle's announcement

Birth: a fairy is born from laughter, mostly it will stay on the mainland but if accepted by Never Land it becomes a Never Fairy, being a rare occasions.

Never Fairies: makes jingling sounds, smell like cinnamon, call humans Clumsies, can be see by their glow and change the glow color by their moods, weight like "handful of dandelion fluff," height approximately five inches tall.

Arrival: When reaching Never Land's Pixie Hollow, the laughter burst and transforms into its respective fairy. Welcomed by the fairy community, the new fairy soon announces his/her talent.

Incomplete Fairies: When a laughter cracks before getting her fairy shape, the fairy might come incomplete. Some of the incompleteness include: being more similar to humans in manners than fairies, ear tip missing, glow only partially, unable to pronounce the letter "q."

Dangers to Fairies: Humans stop believing (need children clapping), Hawks, Snakes, animals with hornets (if provoked).



Corridor with some talents' symbols

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Talents mentioned in the book include: Wing-washing, Animal, Water, Garden, Nursing, Scouts, Art, Light, Tinker, Clapping, etc.

More information include: fairy hygiene, furnishings, fetching fairy foods, transforming found objects, making fairy clothes, making remedies, etc. All fairies known how to write leaf lettering, and participate in games and parties with music, songs, the Fairy Dance.



List of all talents along the history

Long ago (time not precised), Never fairies lived everywhere throughout Never Land. The Pixie Dust Tree gave the magic dust needed for them to come and go to mainland to keep humans believing in magic, and therefore fairies alive. Yet, after a great fire, the tree was destroyed. Never Land seeing all that happened granted magic to Mother Dove, and her feathers became the new way to create pixie dust, when she molts. (It then mentions the book that continues the story "Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg.")

Fairies now, stay hidden deep within Never Land in the realm of the Never Fairies' Pixie Hollow Home Tree. The tree includes the areas: lobby, corridor, bedrooms, tearoom, kitchen, library, workshops, sewing room, laundry room, bathing branches, infirmary etc.

Mostly depending on the fairy talent, beyond the Home Tree, the fairies still adventure in tunnels, meadows, the orchard, the mill were they make pixie dust, etc.


  • The word "talent" after hyphen was spelled with either uppercase "T" or lowercase "t."
  • This book is also available in the following languages: German, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Japanese.
  • A very rare pocket version was sold in some European countries as a combo pack with Tinker Bell on DVD[1] (making it a de facto collector's edition of the movie; for unknown reasons, no Blu-Ray combo packs were made). It is unclear which countries besides Norway the combo box was sold in.