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Hummingbird is a species of animal seen in the franchises.

Known Hummingbirds[]


Hummingbird-chipmunk relations

Twitter and Nan

In Beck and the Great Berry Battle (2006), it says that hummingbirds, typically high-strung, movements are unpredictable as they dodge from left to right without warning and that they tend to stutter as they think faster than they can talk. Hummingbirds, convinced that Chipmunk just hoard food, they could not get along, being one of the reasons for the berry battle. Afterwards both species/groups got in good terms.

In Pixie Dust Powers (2014), a green hummingbird was used in the feather mini-game. Players had to click on the glowing flowers to guide the bird from one side to another, as it let feathers fall.

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