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Some people say that fairies are the stuff of fantasy. They think the world is just what you can touch and hear and see. While others say the tales and legends cannot be dismissed. They believe with all their hearts that fairies truly do exist.
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Humans (also: "Clumsies" in the books) is a species first presented in the Disney Fairies/Tinker Bell franchise in 2005 with Sara Quirtle.


In Gail Carson Levine's books, in 2005, it expound that Humans are beings that live on the Mainland. From their laugh a fairy is born and from their disbelief in fairies, a fairy dies. To humans, when Never Fairies speak they sound like jingling of bells and need The Gift to understand them. Humans are also called as "Clumsies" by Never Fairy as they can harm fairies accidentally because of their sizes and babies lack of comprehension. A part of a human can also get stuck with a fairy, and vice versa, generating different behavior on both parties assimilating traces of the other species.

In Secret of the Wings, it told that a human laugh can generate more than one fairy.[1]


Pirate capturing a fairy in Lyria's story

A human pirate's hand capturing a fairy in Lyria's story[2]

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Unnamed Baby

The Unnamed Baby[3]

Humans can fly if sprinkled with Pixie Dust from either a female fairy or a male sparrowman, but only if they find "happy thoughts".[4] However, if washed up, the dust will cease working and they will fall wherever they are.[5] Rain won't stop their flight.[4] The unnamed human baby whose first laugh originated both Tinker Bell[6] and Periwinkle[1] was born in London during the late Victorian Period. Sometime shortly before March 20th, it's laugh bursted into dandelion seeds, and the winds carried both fraternal twin sisters to Never Land and its concelead kingdom of Pixie Hollow (Peri to the Border, later into the Winter Woods and Tink straight to the Pixie Dust Tree) where they took their physical forms after being sprinkled Pixie Dust upon them.