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How to Ice Skate is a short animation, Pixie Preview, themed on the Secret of the Wings (film).



The short opens with the winter fairies skating gracefully on the frozen lake, but Tinker Bell and her pals are no good at this type of sport since the 6 of them often lose balance and fall off. A sympathetic Fairy Mary lifts Tinker Bell up and she ended up unleashing her ice skating skills. She speeds off like a fighter jet at first and stops in the middle after spinning, leaving an amazed Tinker Bell. Fairy Mary skates again, make a quadruple axle and make a dance. She jumps high up into the air and landed onto the frozen lake. The ice cracks in the process and freezes again, much to their joy. The short ends with Fairy Mary taking off her snowsuit to reveal a ballerina outfit and continues skating again.



Secret of the Wings - "How to Ice Skate"