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How to Have a Snowball Fight is a short animation, Pixie Preview, themed on the Secret of the Wings (film).



A delightful Iridessa is impressed when a snowflake gently lands on her hand until she got hit by a snowball, only to be aware that the winter fairies invited them to have a snowball fight. All of a sudden, peace has turned to chaos when the snowball fight war begins, causing the 6 warm fairies to take cover. Silvermist tries to throw snowballs at them, but the winter fairies shot snowballs. Fawn tries to shield Silvermist from getting hit by the snowballs, but ended up unconsciously. They escort Fawn to safety and a dismayed Vidia is unable to make it until Tinker Bell throws a massive snowball high up into the air and landed straight onto the winter fairies, making the ground shaking in the process. A fearful Tinker Bell realizes that she throw the big snowball too much until the winter fairies stick their heads out, declaring the best snowball fight ever, much to their joy. The short ends with Sled throwing a small snowball to Tinker Bell.



Secret of the Wings - "How to Have a Snowball Fight"