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How I Train: Fawn is a short animation, Pixie Preview, based on the special Pixie Hollow Games.


Characters: Fawn, Buck and 7 other Animal-talent fairies

Fauna: 7 Frogs


"Fawn holds a try-out for his partner in the Pixie Hollow Games with a frog rodeo." - from Disney Princess channel's video description


Fawn explain the rules, that whoever stays in the frog for eight seconds would become her partner for the pixie hollow games. However, after the first fairy was sent away by the frog's kick, the fairies were not exited any longer to try it. The second fairy was send kicked by the frog to the wooden seats, making other fairies fly away. Next, Fawn called Buck, yet his leg got stuck in the frog reins. He went back and fort being knocked on the ground and on the frog. In the end, Fawn declared he became her partner for the games.


*Introductory music*

[In day light, in a frog rodeo field.]

Fawn: "Okay guys, it's easy, just stay on your frog for eight seconds and you are my partner for the Pixie Hollow Games."

Animal-talent fairies crowd: "Oh, me, me, me, me, me!" "Oh, yeah, that is showtime!" "Great!" *laughing and others uncomprehending words*

Fawn: "Who's first?"

Guy 1: *Rides the frog* "Ready!"

Fawn: *Rings the bell*

Guy 1: *Gets kicked by the frog* "Ahhhhh..."

Fawn: "Wow!..." "Next."

Animal-talent fairies crowd: "Oh, huh." "Huh, huh." "No, no, no." "Ouch."

Guy 2 on the frog: "I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this."

Fawn: *Rings the bell*

Guy 2: "Ow, ow, ow, ahh, ow." *pain interjections* *kicked by the frog to the crowd's seats* "Did I do it?" *falls.*

Fawn: "Buck?"

Buck: *Rides the frog*

Fawn: "Hold on tight."

Buck: "Huh? Hey my foot is stuck-"

Fawn: *Rings the bell*

Buck: *While riding, hits the ground and the frog* *pain interjections.*

Fawn: "Alright Buck you are doing great!"

Buck: "Thaaaank youuu..." *exasperation interjections after the frog stops.*

Fawn: "Buck? Are you... Ready to start training? Partner."

Buck: "Huh?"

Narrator: "The pixie hollow games."


  • There were eight animal-talent fairies to try the rodeo and seven frogs. If one frog was used per fairy, one of the frogs was repeated.
  • When Buck finishes his rodeo, only half of the seats can be seen with no apparent fairy in it. This could mean all other fairies gave up or that they were just not included on the screen.




Disney Fairies Short How I Train Fawn