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Fairies of Pixie Hollow, we have celebrated this revelry without interruption for centuries. Tonight, I believe, is our finest revelry ever, thanks to one very special fairy, Tinker Bell. And her friend, Terence. And her new friend. Blaze. Yes, of course. Blaze. We owe them all our thanks.
Autumn Revelry parade

Harvest Promenade[1] is located at the Autumn Forest. It is where the Autumn Revelry is held. The Minister of Autumn highly participates and tries to please Queen Clarion so everything will go according to their plans. In Tinker Bell's Adventure, he can be found there at all times.

Before the ceremony takes place, it is appropriately decorated by fairies of diverse talents. They use fruit berries to act similar as balloons and pumpkin-like torches to shine under this special moon's soft glow. Soon after, its light shines through the moonstone and Blue Pixie dust is created, later gathered by dust-keeper fairies. They use it to renew the powers of the Pixie Dust Tree, so it will never stop producing regular Pixie Dust and will remain ever functional.

Like autumn itself, it signals rebirth and rejuvenation. We are relying on you.
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