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Harvest Hustle was a mini-game first released in Pixie Hollow Online. After the virtual world's closure, it was made available on Disney LOL - Tinker Bell Games until the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player.


Characters: Fawn

Food: Acorn, Corn, Pea, Blueberry, Neverberry, Neverberry Cake, Blueberry Cake.


The objective of this Talent Game was to match three or more pieces of the same kind of animal food to collect them. The more food matched in one group, the more points gained. However, if food overflowed the pantry, the game ended.

Matching items: Acorns, Corn, Peas, Blueberries, Neverberries, and Pixie Dust buckets

Clearing items: Wind tornadoes (clear an entire row of food), Neverberry Cake, Blueberry Cake

Obstacles: Rocks


Site Available Levels Avatar Reward
Pixie Hollow Online No

(Site now inactive)

30 Player's active fairy Players had a choice of ingredients to choose from: Acorns, Blueberries, or Raspberries
Disney LOL No (Removed) 20 "Default" fairy N/A


In Pixie Hollow Online, within the Pumpkin Patch, lay the Knothole Pantry room. The pantry was located inside of a tree stump. There, Fawn asked the player's pixie to help collect food for the animals to eat during winter. Matching food of the same group would end them to the pantry's storeroom. This was classified as an Animal-talent mini-game, although any fairy (no matter the talent) could play it.


  • There are a few changes/goofs on Disney's website version vs. the original:
    • On the game's homepage, Fawn uses her outfit from the third movie instead of her first movie outfit (original)
    • The game still advertised Pixie Hollow Online as a playable online world despite its closure in 2013