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My philosphy is that form and function must coexist like earth and sky.
— Harmony

Harmony is a shopkeeper in Pixie Hollow Online. From 2008 to 2012, she ran a furniture store named Harmony's Home Collection, located in Neverberry Thicket. On September 7th, 2012, Harmony's furniture store was switched replaced with Harmony's Sweet Shop, which sold ready-made sweets.

Like most shopkeepers, her talent is never confirmed. However, as she runs her own bakery, it can be assumed that she is a baking talent.


Harmony is a very zen, peaceful soul. When she owned Harmony's Home Collections, she would always encourage her customers to take a deep breath and relax as they explored the furnishings she had to offer.

She is a firm believer that beautiful things should also be functional, as its one of the things she would often tell her customers. This is further proven true by the fact that a lot of practical items are featured in the collection called "Harmony's Home Favorites," such as hourglasses, pitchers, and kettles.


Harmony's advertisement

An advertisement for Harmony's Sweet Shop, featuring Harmony in her baking outfit