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Hair-dressing-talent (also known as "Hair-styling Talent" and "Coiffure-Talent") is a sub-talent of Art-talent.

These Never Fairies are beauticians who are especially good at all things related to hair- cutting it, dying it, and more.

Talent Overview

Hair-dressing-talents are the ones in-charge when it comes to styling Never Fairies' hair for special events. They can give their client an array of different hairstyles & haircuts, and are capable of coming up with their own unique hairstyles. They are also responsible for creating hair dyes & dying other fairies' hair.

They are free to practice their talent casually around the hollow, or to work at salons such as Schelly's Shears.

Every year, Queen Clarion declares an official Great Games hair-styling-talent Fairy.[1] The chosen fairy is responsible for creating an array of festive hairstyles for fairies to choose from during Great Games Day.[2]


  • Styling the hair of fairies and sparrowmen
  • Creating new hairstyles for special occasions
  • Creating hair dyes [3]
  • Dying fairies' hair different colors
  • Giving fairies' highlights [4]

Known Hair-dressing-talents