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The Green Comet roaming the skies of Pixie Hollow

The Green Comet does shows up in Pixie Hollow's night sky in a couple of centuries.[1] Each time it passes, the green comet awakens Gruff of his 1000-year cyclical slumber.


The special comet fills Pixie Hollow's night sky with a bright green light which causes curiosity in most Never Fairies. Even Queen Clarion in her 400 years of life[2] didn't knew about it, until Nyx, the head of the Scouting-talent fairies told her about the NeverBeast and the "threat" he was to Pixie Hollow. That is, until he proved otherwise by saving Queen Clarion's kingdom from a magical, massive destructive green storm. Nevertheless, Scribble related the passing of the green comet when it showed up in the night sky.