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The Golden Hawk lives in Never Land. He appears to be a simple brown color, but his wings on the inside are golden. He also has a magic eye that he could fix anyone with and they would lose the will to move.[1]

In the books[]

When Mother Dove's egg broke in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, he began to grow old. The questers had to pluck a feather from him so they could give it to Kyto and save the egg. Though it blew away later without them noticing. The egg was restored and he was back to normal again.

In Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, Queen Clarion made a wish that all the hawks would be small. Without anyway to protect himself he went to Beck. Later, he helped the others find Rani and he helped her get control back over her body. When the wishes were reversed he was big again, he went off to hunt but wasn't interested in a fairy meal anymore.

Later in Fairies and the Quest for Never Land, he got burned by Kyto's fire. His wings wouldn't stop burning for a while, Beck helped put it out then the nursing-talents took care of him.