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Glory dit it!
Helios did it!
Sparkle did it!
— The triplets blame each other after a vase full of flowers is broken[src]

Glory is a the third in a set of triplet fairies who Arrive in Fira and the Full Moon.  She is illustrated with blonde hair and blue eyes, and she wears a pink dress with a light blue belt. Sparkle and Helios often treat her like a baby since she is the youngest.

In the books[]

They wreck havoc for poor Fira in Fira and the Full Moon. First they burn a hole right through Tinker Bell's brand new triple shine copper sheet. Then they tire out Lily's rare blue poppy flower with their glows. Finally, they accidently pour growing powder on a raindrop cactus and destroy Elixa's potion workshop! On top of that, they're always arguing! Fira has no other choice but to keep them in their room while she goes to help Orren and Precious, and the rest of the miners. But while in the tunnels, Fira's glow burns out! Luckily, the triplets were following the miners and Fira. Fira apologizes to Sparkle, Helios, and Glory and then the triplets lead the group out safely.

The triplets do not make another appearance.