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Glimmer is a Storm-talent fairy who appears in Pixie Hollow Games (2011). She has dedicated herself to training for the games year around. Her intense training kept her from bringing seasons to the Mainland.

Rumble is her partner for the Games. She is lightning fast and has tried out three times before gaining the spot as Rumble's teammate. The Storm Talents Force has become unstoppable since she joined the team. She is also known for trusting Rumble too much.[citation needed]


Pixie Hollow Games[]

Glimmer and her partner Rumble entered the Pixie Hollow Games to represent the storm-talent guild.  After coming in second place at the first competition, Glimmer reluctantly engaged in an exercise to boost Rumble's fragile ego.  The pair did well throughout the rest of the games.  At the last event, Rumble cheated to prevent Rosetta and Chloe from winning first place.  Being unwilling to cheat, Glimmer stayed behind the finish line until the garden-talent fairies had crossed, making them the winners instead.


  • Glimmer shares a name and general appearance with a character from The Hunger Games. Both characters trained to compete in a major spectator event.  However, unlike the character in The Hunger Games, the fairy Glimmer has a sense of fair play and refuses to cheat.
  • An unnamed Baking-talent fairy seen in her boss Gelata's team is very similar to Glimmer in appearance.[1]