"Oops! Be careful not to spill, Dulcie. Hurry, Dulcie! You need to stir faster. Remember, Dulcie, breakfast doesn't last all day!"
- Ginger taunts Dulcie in the kitchen.

Ginger is a younger baking-talent fairy, possibly a rival of Dulcie. She is sometimes described as bossy and likes to be in charge of the Home Tree's Kitchen.[1]

In the books

In Dulcie's Taste of Magic, she temporarily took over the kitchen after Dulcie left at the request of Queen Clarion. Unbeknownst to Ginger, Dulcie went to gather the ingredients for a comfort cake. After Dulcie baked the cake in the kitchen, Ginger mockingly brought it out into the Tearoom, believing it to be a failure due to its pancake-like shape. However, as she turned away to make the next meal the cake grew into a splendidly decorated, many-layered cake that turned into a different flavor for each fairy. Ginger stayed in further control for breakfast, though Dulcie promised to take over in time for lunch after a nap.


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