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Garden-talents appreciate nature's beauty. They have a special relationship with all plant-life and love the outdoors.

Rosetta blooming a sunflower

Garden-talent fairies are Never Fairies who can make any vegetation bloom in question of seconds. They spend most of their time outdoors. Their colorful gardens can be seen in all corners of Pixie Hollow. Garden-talents can sense what a plant needs and have an intuitive understanding of how to care for plants. Growing seaweed while at the surface affirms that their magic works underwater.[1] They also love to paint flowers[2] and help the grass grow faster. It is very likely that these fairies lives in Buttercup Canyon, a Spring Valley's portion.[ Reference Needed. ]

Garden-talent Flag

The Garden-Talent Flag, used during the Pixie Hollow Games

While responsible for harvesting food, garden-talents also enjoy gathering berries, seeds, shoots, flower nectar, and mushrooms. Garden fairies occasionally work with animals, too: they sometimes train earthworms and are highly respectful of bumblebees. Garden-talents also play a key role when delivering spring to the Mainland, as they use their magic and lots of Pixie Dust to regrow the dormant flora (by undoing the work of Frost-talents, such as Periwinkle) under the Minister of Spring's supervision. They also can communicate with plants and flowers, something which no other fairy is able to do (which cause the foliage to be happier, much to its pleasure). Two unnamed garden fairies were responsible for the creation of Fairy Gold, though it was accidental.[3]

Finding Garden-talent

Garden-talent guild's symbol as seen in Tinker Bell (2008) film

This guild's symbol is a fairy-sized lily flower and the color is pink.[4]



  • Guiding and planting flower buds.[4]
  • Cultivating vegetables.
  • Talking to plants which causes them to become happier.[5]
  • Helping the grass to grow faster.[2]
  • Painting flower petals.[3]
  • Helping bumblebees reach inside flowers.[2]
  • Taking care of lush gardens around Pixie Hollow.
  • Flourishing human crops in Autumn, such as entire corn fields and blooming pumpkins.[6]
  • Making fuits (such as apples) fall on the ground with the help of squirrels, also during autumn season.


Known Garden-talent fairies[]



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