Rosetta using her plant growth ability to bloom a sunflower in question of seconds.

Garden-talent fairies help the grass to grow and can make bloom any vegetation in question of seconds. They spend most of their time outdoors. Their colorful gardens can be seen in all corners of Pixie Hollow. Garden-talent fairies can sense what a plant needs and have an intuitive understanding of how to care for plants.

Garden fairies can grow seaweed, affirming that their magic works underwater. Garden-talent fairies paint flowers, help them to grow and talk with them.

They are responsible for harvesting food for the fairies of Pixie Hollow. They gather berries, seeds, shoots, flower nectar, and mushrooms. Garden fairies occasionally work with animals, too: they sometimes train earthworms and ladybugs to help them, and they are highly respectful of bumblebees. Many garden-talents are found all over Spring Valley, where they perform their delicate work regarding the luxuriant flora there.

This guild's symbol is a decorative flower and the color is pink.



  • Instructing flower shoots.
  • Cultivating vegetables.
  • Talking to plants.
  • Painting flowers.

Known Garden-talent fairies


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