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Gabby is the youngest of the Never Girls. She usually wears a tutu, rubber boots, and costume fairy wings. Gabby is always dreaming and immersed in her world of make-believe-she would prefer to be off pretending to be a butterfly (or fairy). Never Land seems to have a soft spot for her, and the girls sometimes get out of scrapes when Never Land intervenes on Gabby’s behalf.

In the Books[]

Gabby has been the main focus in quite a few Never Girls books.

In A Dandelion Wish, Gabby sneaks off to Never Land through the portal in the space between their fence. But when their father fixes the fence, she is stuck in Never Land and eventually gets lost in the woods with Iridessa.

In Wedding Wings, Gabby is asked to be the flower girl in their babysitters wedding. When Gabby ruins the brides veil, she tries to hide it, until Pixie Dust gets on it and it floats away.

In Before the Bell, Gabby brings her new friend Spinner to class. But when her friend who also loves fairies steals him, she must find a way to get him back.

In Under the Lagoon, Gabby befriends a mermaid. However, the fairies are certain that all mermaids are no good and they even convince Gabby's sister and friends that they're dangerous. Mia forbids Gabby from seeing her mermaid friend again, but she still finds a way to meet with her in secret.