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Pirate fairy - four seasons festival

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The Four Seasons Festival is a Pixie Hollow's annual event first mentioned in 2014's The Pirate Fairy film. This is by far the only event that Winter fairies and their ruler attend on the warm side of Pixie Hollow due to a large snow maker built by tinker fairies that allows a constant flux of snow, rendering their wings safe.


As seen in The Pirate Fairy:

  • an arena with stage and spectators seats
  • Fireflies to light the stage
  • steady steam of snow for the winter fairies (in stage for their presentations and their seats in spectators area)
  • a narrator/master of ceremonies to start the show
  • presentations/spectaculars for the shows


At night, in Pixie Hollow's arena, every talent from every season gathers together to celebrate all the realms of Pixie Hollow. The arena gets full of spectators and in the middle of it happens presentations showing some fairies talents' abilities.

Big cups with drinks and petal horns are allowed in the spectators seats and nearby is available a bathroom. In the spectators area a special spot is also available for some fairies such as the ministers, lord, queen and the leader of the Tinker-talent fairies.[1]


Pirate fairy - winter fairies presentation

winter fairies presentation

In The Pirate Fairy film, the first presentation was from the winter fairies. In the middle of the arena it was covered with thin ice and snow was constantly falling. Periwinkle, Gliss, Spike and others six unnamed winter fairies entered the stage and while holding periwinkle flowers they started ice-skating and moving snowflakes as if they were dancing along the fairies. When the presentation ended the winter fairies made a circle with seven snowflakes in the middle, and six snowflakes near the ground in a line.

Pirate fairy - tink group presentation

Tink's group presentation

At the end of the movie, it started the second presentation. Zarina changed their talents back one by one, as they worked along Tinker Bell's box. Rosetta made flowers grow, Fawn guided the butterflies out of the box, Silvermist moved water around it, Iridessa moved a moon's ray of light that when hitting a ring it reflected in the mirrors and water, sparking all around the arena and the spectators as Vidia moved the box's mirrors with her wind. When the presentation ended many fairies from the spectators seat joined the arena.

Pirate fairy book - winter fairies presentation

VIP area and winter fairies show

In Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (book), is similar to the movie with some minor differences. The VIP area can be seen in an illustration, yet is missing the Minister of Spring. The illustration with the winter fairies presentation, only had Periwinkle, Gliss and Spike, missing the other six winter fairies. As for Tink's group presentation is was only briefly mentioned, gaining no illustration in the book.

In The Pirate Fairy (chapter book), it told it was an annual event. The arena was called amphitheater. Periwinkle and the other fairies put ice in their flowers in their presentation. Tink's box was expound as a Music Box and its flowers amplified the sound/music.

In the Comic Series, the Four Seasons Festival is very similar to The Pirate Fairy movie.


  • From The Pirate Fairy movie:
    • when Silvermist comments that it is great that the winter fairies could join them, this could mean that they were not present the previous Four Seasons Festival.
    • when Bobble comments that "spring must be next," this could mean that each season has/should had a presentation, however after Tink and her friends made their show no other presentation was seen.
    • apart from the winter fairies, all other talents fairies are seen mixed in the spectators area.


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