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Last week, I told you about one of the most talented hair stylists in the Hollow, Florabelle Bloomfield.
Marina, in an article of the Never News

Florabelle Bloomfield is a hair-styling talent that is mentioned in Pixie Hollow Online. Specifically, she is reported about in several articles of the Never News.

She spends her time working at Schelly's Shears.


On April 30th 2009, Queen Clarion declared Florabelle to be the Great Games' official hair-styling talent fairy[1] . This means that she was responsible for all of the hairstyles that were to debut at that years' Great Games. This collection was named "Festive Hair Fronts/Backs by Florabelle Bloomfield".

Her collection of hairstyles was such a hit that Schelly's Shears was filled to the brim with customers, Sweet Pea reports.[2] Thus, Schelly made them permanent options in her salon's catalog.