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Flitterific Fairy Fortunes is a Mini-game, currently available in Disney LOL - Tinker Bell Games.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa, Fawn;

Locations: Pixie Hollow, Pixie Dust Tree, Summer Glade, Mainland;

Objects: tinker hammer, Balloon Carrier.


With the mouse cursor, click and drag to match three or more tokens of a same color to fill the Talent Scepters with pixie dust. Making matches fills the timer with water and when the time runs out, the scepter that has more points will determine the fairy fortune.


  • Row Collapser - clear an entire row where it is placed;
  • Crossroad Collapser- clear an entire row and column where it is placed;
  • Pixie Power - clear all tokens that match its color;
  • Lucky Berry - clear multiple tokens at random.


(Note: All fortunes' text below as written in game.)

Any talent interjections:

  • 1 word - Flitterific! Fairytastic! Pixielicious! Dustworthy! Sparkling!
  • 2 words - Flap On! Pixie Power! Sweet Work! Magically Magnificent! Go Fairy!
  • +3 words - Queen Clarion will be proud! You're bursting with Pixie Power! You're really flapping now! You're brighter than a firefly! Your wings are humming! You flit like the wind! You're sparkling! Sweet work, Honeysuckle!


  • You're a true-blue friend, no one could call you wishy-washy! You always keep cool and collected, and stand by what you know is right.
  • Fairy, you have a heart as big as the sea - and as light as a single dew-drop. No wonder friends enjoy swimming alongside you.
  • Fairy, you are poised to make a big splash! The time is right to tackle a big project and show the world what you can do. Don't be nervous - just dive right in.
  • You really know how to go with the flow, fairy - no matter what comes along. Use your talent for keeping your cool to help your friends when things get rough!
  • Deep and mysterious or dancing and full of sparkling light? Water can flow both ways - and so can you! You have many moods.


  • You can make anything you set your mind and heart to, from friends to frescos! All it takes is a little "tinkering" - and you have a real gift for that.
  • Gotta problem? Don't despair - just keep "tinkering" until it's solved. With your talents and can-do attitude, you can fix it!
  • Hey, ya got a real tinker's gift for creativity. Why not try mastering a new craft this week? With your talents, it'll be a snap!
  • Hey, you're a master tinker - you can fix anything if you put your mind to it. Why not put that tinker know-how to use and volunteer to help solve a problem in your neighborhood?
  • You're a true-blue tinker! Just like Tink herself, you love to create and improve. No wonder your friends look to you for great ideas and smart solutions. Keep tinkering!


  • Fairy, ya have a gift for growing - both flowers and friendships! Just make sure to provide a little tender care, and your circle of friends will blossom.
  • With your garden talents, it's no surprise that everything is coming up roses for you, fairy! You have that magic touch that makes the world a more beautiful place.
  • What's up, Buttercup? You're a wise fairy and know that with patience and loving care, you can make anything rise and thrive - from flowers to your grades at school.
  • Fairy, fairy, not contrary, how does your garden grow? Just beautifully, Sweetpea! Share your gift for growing things with friends and family - surprise someone with a bouquet.
  • Don't be a wallflower, Honeysuckle! You have the seeds of greatness in you and the talent to grow into anything you want to be. Take your place in the sun and get ready to bloom.


  • A little bluebird told me that you'll never lack for furry friends - pets and critters of all kinds love you, and you love them right back!
  • Hey, fairy! Critters can't resist your charms. Your kind heart and gentle hands make you a natural friend to all - animals and people alike!
  • Fairy, you really have "animal magnetism"! You're a great problem- solver, because you know the secret of listening to your friends.
  • Your talent is definitely "fur real," fairy! Like animals, you know that actions speak louder than words. Consider doing something kind for critters - hang a birdhouse, or volunteer with a rescue group.
  • Fur, feathers, and scales - your friends take many forms. You're wise enough to look below the surface, because what's inside is what really counts.


  • With your sunny heart, you can bring a ray of light to even the darkest problems. Just think carefully, and let your heart be your guide.
  • You're a real beam of sunshine, fairy! Your feet are almost as light as your heart - have you considered learning to dance?
  • How bright are you, fairy? Your talent's practically blinding! Put it to work bringing a little ray of light to someone who's feeling blue.
  • Shine on, you dazzling fairy! The spotlight is calling. Put your talents to work on stage, and see how bright your star can become.
  • No one in Pixie Hollow has a brighter heart than you, fairy. When things look dark, just remember your inner light and let your talent chase the shadows away.


  • The game is themed on the second movie.
  • The advertising of Pixie Hollow (online game) was not removed from the mini-game even after the site closure.
  • This game uses Rocket Engine, from Rocket Pack that was later acquired by Disney in 2011.[1][2]



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