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Fish in bubble bounce

An orange fish

Fish are a type of animal that is present throughout the Mainland, Never Land, and Pixie Hollow. They have been seen throughout many places in Pixie Hollow, including Soapstone Stream and Babbling Brook.

Typically, they are friendly to all Never Fairies they come across.

Like all animals, fish can communicate with Animal Talents. However, they are also shown to have a unique bond with Water Talents. Despite the language barrier between them, Water Talents and fish appear to understand each other on some level. Fish are able to not only request help from Water Talents, but also play & sing with them.

The most commonly sighted fish in Pixie Hollow is an orange fish. Nonetheless, there is fish of different colors and sizes. The fish that swim near Dewdrop Vale are seen to be either orange, green, or purple, with purple fish often being very large in comparison to the rest.

Silvermist assisting fish

Silvermist helping a young fish swim upstream.