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Firefly Light-Up was a mini-game released in September 2008 in Pixie Hollow Online. It was located in Springtime Orchard.


Characters: Iridessa

Fauna: Firefly, Moth

Object: Leaf basket


Iridessa would ask fellow fairies for help with lighting up fireflies using handmade dots of light.

The objective was to light up fireflies using a leaf basket to collect and release light. If a moth touched the fairy, it knocked over the basket. If all baskets were lost, the game would end.

Fireflies and moths flew in a specific pattern, except for yellow moths that followed the player as soon as the fairy collected a light. Lighting up multiple fireflies at once earned more points.

Different colors of light had different properties:

  • Yellow - none
  • Blue moonlight - big burst when released
  • Red firelight - spread from firefly to firefly
  • Purple twilight - lingered for a while, lighting fireflies that passed through it
  • Green moth light - when released, it attracted moths to this light for a while




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