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Fire-talent fairies have the ability to control fire. They can create fire at will and freely manipulate it. They can even create different shapes out of fire and put on theatrical performances or create large fires for defensive purposes. The only known fire-talent in Pixie Hollow in Never Land so far is Necia. Theoretically this talent can be used for other practical purposes, such as cooking, however Necia finds this use of her skill very boring.

The first use of fire-talents was in A Fairy's Fire, a Never Girls book written by Kiki Thorpe. It is the first talent created in the Never Girls series.

The second use of fire-talents was in The Petite Fairy’s Diary, a character named Lobi has the ability to create fire. Because of this, it can be assumed that Lobi is a fire-talent fairy.

Known Fire-talents[]


  • There were no fire fairies in the films.