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Fira and the Full Moon is the sixth chapter book for the disney fairies franchise.


When all the fireflies come down with the firefly flu, who organizes light for Pixie Hollow? Fira. When three new light-talent fairies arrive on the same day, who volunteers to look after them? Fira. And when the mining-talent fairies set off on their monthly expedition into the underground caves, who lights the way? Fira, of course. But she's exhausted, and the deeper the miners go, the more her glow flickers and fades. Fira's full moon may turn out to be her darkest hour!

In this story, Fira finds the triplets incredibly annoying and hard to deal with- they bicker constantly, sending one into hysterics, while the other two just name-call. Refusing to take help from anyone else, she nearly creates a disaster when her light falters in the mines beneath Pixie Hollow, trapping everyone in darkness. Only the arrival of the triplets can save the day. In the end, they apologize for causing trouble.

This story features one of the few instances in the books of fairies on their Arrival Day in Pixie Hollow- the triplets show a great deal of immaturity to start their lives. Prilla showed youthful exuberance, but not a petulant, childish temperament. It is unknown how common this behavior is.

Notably, the triplets all arrive from the same laugh- this form of "laugh-splitting" was not shown until much later in the films, actually being used for Tinker Bell and Periwinkle's origin story.