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Finders Keepers is a storybook released on January 1, 2010. It is the fifth book in the Disney Fairies Storybook Library series.


One day, Tinker Bell was looking for lost things by Havendish Stream. She found an interesting object that seemed to large to be useful for anything, so she left it. Shortly after, Beck found the object on her way to pay a visit to the squirrels. She saw the bristles and thought it would be a great tool to help scratch the squirrel’s backs. After cleaning and playing with the squirrels, Beck decided that she would leave the brush safely next to the Home Tree for easy access next time she needs it. Meanwhile, Tink was back at her workshop with Terence trying to clean the bottom of a very deep pot. She just could not reach the bottom no matter how hard she tried! She needed a long scrubbing tool, and she knew that the thing she found by the stream would be the perfect tool for the job. However, when Tink and Terence returned to the stream the brush was no where to be found.
Back at Home Tree, Lily was relaxing on one of the branches when she spotted the odd brush leaning against the trunk. Flying down to investigate, Lily realised that this would be the perfect body for a scare-bug (or as we know it, a scarecrow) to protect her garden from pests. After fitting it out with an outfit identical to her own, Lily left the scare-bug in her garden and flew off.
Shortly after, Tink and Terence were still looking for the brush and flew into Beck. Beck explained that she also lost her squirrel brush and can’t find it anywhere! The three fly around the hollow looking for their lost thing, when Terence notices Lily’s new addition to her garden. The three girls argue over who deserves to keep the object. Just then, a hawk swooped down and took the brush with it. All the fairies apologise and realise it was silly getting heated over a silly looking object anyway.






  • This book was also released under the title "Lost Things."