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This article is about Fern the garden fairy. You might be searching for Fern the dusting fairy.

Gather around, garden fairies!
— Fern[src]

Fern is a Garden-talent fairy who first appeared in Pixie Hollow Games. She is described as being pragmatic and organized. The last time she participated in the games, she slipped in slug slime and separated her septum and she is the main tritagonist after Iridessa.


Fern is a Garden-talent fairy who participated in Pixie Hollow Games it last year. However, this ended up, what she slipped in slug slime and separated her septum. After that, Fern decided to send Rosetta on the games in next year, who had stubbornly avoided them.


Fern is a pragmatic and organized garden fairy, that is highly respected among garden fairies. This is evident, when she urges everyone to quickly choose a partner for Chloe and everyone, although reluctantly, agrees. Fern is also strict and unyielding, as this seen, when Rosetta tried to avoid participating in games, but she didn't give her, saying ("It's your turn").

Like Rosetta, Fern was originally convinced that the garden fairies would not win, despite Chloe's optimism. Nevertheless, upon how Chloe was able to pass the first game called leapfrogging, she changed her mind and supported the Garden Team until the end.


In Pixie Hollow Games, Fern chooses Rosetta to be Chloe's partner since Rosetta has never participated in the games before. She cheers them on throughout the film chanting "Dig down deep and break the streak!" with Chloe and the other garden-talents. And being especially proud when Rosetta and Chloe win the games.