Vidia carrying pollen through a whirlwind she herself had created through her air manipulation ability.

Fast-flying-talent fairies can fly faster than any other creature or fairy in Pixie Hollow

They can also control and manipulates air, whether creating whirlwinds or breezes. Many fast-fliers have larger wings, but this is purely aesthetic, as it matches their talent and doesn't make them fly faster. They also helps laughs reach the Pixie Dust Tree on their Arrival Day.

The fast-flying-talent fairies do not really have an explained role- they are simply the fastest fliers (which comes in handy during some adventures for certain). They also are wind elementals of a sort, creating small tornadoes, making cool breezes, and blowing things down. Unlike other fairies, Fast-fliers can fly with great grace and agility through rough winds without any difficult.

Vidia, the fastest of the fast-fliers, is the only one of any major importance, though Wisp was created for the books and was focused on in one chapter book. Many fast-fliers are found all over the Autumn Forest, where they perform their work regarding the winds by incessantly blowing down the leaves.

This guild's symbol is a whirlwind and the color is purple.


  • Crisp-fall-breeze talent[1]


Known Fast-flying-talent fairies


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