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Sweetie, I make forces of nature. You make pots and kettles. I work up in the sky, and you work down in a ditch.
Vidia explaining her talent to Tinker Bell[src]
Vidia Creates A Whirlwind

Fast-flying-talent fairies are Never Fairies who can fly faster than any other creature or fairy in Pixie Hollow.[1]

They can also control and manipulate the element of air, whether creating whirlwinds or breezes.[1] Fast-flying-talent fairies also spot large and broader wings than non-fast-fliers.[2][3] They also help others reach the Pixie Dust Tree on its Arrival Day[1], if said individual is supposed to be a warm-weather fairy or sparrowman. By other hand, if they are going to become a winter-talent, the winds carry them on their own, crosses over the Border and reach Winter Woods. This talent and associated abilities are considered rare among the fairy subjects of Pixie Hollow. Understanding Windology is also a part of a fast-flying fairy or sparrowman's routine[ Reference Needed. ], although it was not explicitly mentioned in the movies.

The fast-flying-talent fairies do not really have an explained role- they are simply the fastest fliers (which comes in handy during some adventures for certain). They also are wind elementals of a sort, creating small tornadoes, making cool breezes, and blowing things down. Vidia, the fastest of the fast-fliers,[1] is the only one of any major importance, though Wisp was created for the books and was focused on in one chapter book. Due to her innate talent, she was the only one who was able to chase down the running thistles and capture them. A fast-flyer fairy or sparrowman can also flap their wings at an extremely fast rate (which others can't do) and somewhat "bend" air, which can dry up wet fairies and allow them to fly again quickly, if they absorbed enough Pixie Dust before getting themselves soaked.[4]During her time as a fast-flyer, Silvermist used it on Zarina after she was dropped inside a gas lantern into Skull Rock's waters by James Hook before he stole the Blue Pixie Dust, placed it on a necklace and went to his flying Pixie Dust-empowered pirate ship with pirate crew aboard.

Talent Overview

Finding Fast-flying-talent

Fast-flying-talent guild's symbol as seen in Tinker Bell (2008) film

Despite her being originally a water-talent and possessing regular-sized fairy wings, Sil was still able to become a fast-flyer when Zarina's Purple Pixie Dust had hit her. By other hand, Vidia (who arrived possessing unusually larger fairy wings) became a tinker-talent fairy (much to her dismay).[4] However, at the end of the movie, Vidia's inborn Fast-flying-talent and associated abilities where restored by Zarina, who sprinkled Purple Pixie Dust on the former, which caused change to the talent she was originally born with, i.e. Fast-flying-talent.

This guild's symbol is a fairy-sized whirlwind and the color is purple.[1]




Known Fast-flying-talent fairies


  • This talent guild's symbol is very similar to the dusty pollen whirlwinds Vidia creates when getting ready for spring.
  • This talent doesn't shown up in Pixie Hollow Online.[8]


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