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Fairy Tag from Fawn and Games

Fairy tag is a game played by never fairies.

How to Play[]

A fairy is tagged by being tapped on, then, from those that are playing the game, the entire fairy's talent group, rather than a single fairy, is chosen becoming "it." At this point the entire talent group tries to tag another fairy using their talents to their advantage.[1]


In the shorts version, the fairies says "tag" when tapping.[2]

In the books version, the fairies says "choose you" when tapping and must be in the other fairy's head.[1]

  • In the air version, fairies must fly (Rani uses Brother Dove)[3]
  • In no-wings version, fairies can not use their wings. [Reference needed.]



Fairy Tag from The Trouble with Tink

In The Trouble With Tink, Terence invited Tinker Bell for the Fairy Tag game that was going on the meadows. The book mentioned that if it were up to speed alone Fast-flying-talent fairies would win every time, so fairies use their talents to catch their opponents, being a "complicated, but also fun" game. Water-talent fairies were shooting water balls at fairies' wings to slow them down, Animal-talent fairies had enlisted dragonflies previously to fly on them in case their wings got wet, Light-talent fairies were throwing beams of light at fairies chasing them so they close their eyes from the strong light and would not see them, Tinker-talent fairies were making improvised catapults to send back the water balls. Some of the fairies playing were Beck, Fawn, Rani, Tally and Jerome. When the Dust-talent fairies were tagged, Terence went after Tink and tagged her using pixie dust to make twigs close her path. The game then was interrupted by the sign of a Hawk.

In Disney Fairies Issue 1, it says that Fairy Tag is Tinker Bell favorite game.

In The Realm of the Never Fairies, the same image is used as the one from The Trouble with Tink, and the explanation text is similar, however instead of saying animal-talent fairies recruit dragonflies it said chipmunks, matching it more with the illustration.

In Fawn and Games, Vidia tagged Fawn in the Autumn Forest that went to tag Iridessa in the Summer Glade, however she was quicker and escaped flying towards the sun, making Fawn close her eyes and fall in a tree. Iridessa worried flew over to her, but as she approached to help she got tagged by Fawn.


  • In The Trouble with Tink, after Terence tagged Tink, as he said it almost whispering it is unknown if the Tinker-talents fairies were really tagged as no other fairy heard and the game was interrupted.
  • It is unknown if in the shorts version all fairies from a talent are tagged together.


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