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Hush, fairies! Hush, fairies! 'Tis the moment for ancient fairy lore!
Singing-talent fairies before a play begins

Fairy Tale Theater - Films

Fairy Tale Theater, as seen in the movies

The Fairy Tale Theater is a place in Pixie Hollow, located at Havendish Square. It is where fairies of all talents go to watch Storytelling-Talents perform for their entertainment.


In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tinker Bell attends a show at the insistence of Fairy Mary, who is a regular patron. Lyria, a singer/storyteller, tells the story of the Mirror of Incanta, which has the power to grant three wishes (or rather one, since the first two were already used by pirates who had stolen the mirror).

In Pixie Hollow Online, Fairy Tale Theater was opened to all players in 2009. Fairies from any talent could participate, along with special costumes available in Cassie's Costume Shop. Whenever a play was shown, special backdrops, props, and instruments were placed in the theater.

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  • The name may be an allusion to Faerie Tale Theatre.
  • Fairy Mary is a huge fan of the performances at Fairy Tale Theater and visits often. She never misses a show, according to Bobble.