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Fairy Mary's Day Off

Fairy Tale Theater

Fairy Mary's Day Off was a play in Pixie Hollow Online performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on December 1, 2009 until January 11, 2010 than re-released on October 19, 2010 until December 8, 2010.

It features the characters Fairy Mary, Copper, Tin, and Tinker Bell. Fairy Mary finally has a day off but it seems like the other tinkers are lost without her. Costumes for the characters were available at Cassie's Costume Shop.


FAIRY MARY: "Oh, wonderful! A whole day off to myself!"
(Use Tea Pitcher Prop)
FAIRY MARY: "The beach, cool iced tea, a good book, maybe a nap --"
(Copper Enters - Use Door)
COPPER: "Fairy Mary, I can’t find the meadow grass measuring tape."
COPPER: "Or the bark pliers. Or the shell trimmers."
FAIRY MARY: "What’s this? They’re all in the supply cabinet."
COPPER: "Thanks, Fairy Mary. Enjoy your day off!"
(Copper Exits - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Now where was I?"
(Tin Enters - Use Door)
TIN: "Fairy Mary, what should we do with the new wheels?"
FAIRY MARY: "Tin, you know those go to Clank and Bobble."
TIN: "Oh, right. Thanks, Fairy Mary. Enjoy your day off!"
(Tin Leaves - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Now let me see, what was I doing?"
(Tink Enters - Use Door)
TINKER BELL: "Fairy Mary, what do we do about the broken table?"
FAIRY MARY: "Well, fix it, of course!"
TINKER BELL: "Okay. Thanks, Fairy Mary. Enjoy your day off!"
(Tink Exits - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Teetering teapots, I haven’t even had my tea yet!"
(Copper Enters - Use Door)
COPPER: "Sorry to bother you again, Fairy Mary."
COPPER: "I can’t find the twig polisher."
FAIRY MARY: "That’s impossible!"
(Tink Enters - Use Door)
TINKER BELL: "Sorry to interrupt, Fairy Mary, but you know that table?"
TINKER BELL: "It sort of fell apart."
FAIRY MARY: "Moon and stars, what is going on?"
FAIRY MARY: "You’re all acting like you’ve never tinkered before!"
FAIRY MARY: "The twig polisher is always with the bark pliers."
COPPER: "Oh. I guess I didn’t see them."
FAIRY MARY: "And the wheels are the right size. I measured them!"
TIN: "I wondered about that."
TIN: "Bobble wasn’t wearing his glasses when he checked them."
FAIRY MARY: "And if the table fell apart, then make a NEW table."
FAIRY MARY: "You DO know how to do that, don’t you?"
TINKER BELL: "Of course I know!"
FAIRY MARY: "Then all of you, flap to it!"
(Copper, Tin and Tink Exit - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Some day off this turned out to be."
FAIRY MARY: "There’s only one thing to do ..."
(Fairy Mary Enters - Use Door)
COPPER: "Fairy Mary!"
TIN: "What are you doing here?"
TINKER BELL: "It’s your day off!"
(Use Work Table Prop)
FAIRY MARY: "I think I’ll get more rest here than I will at the beach!"
FAIRY MARY: "Good night!"