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Come on, let's go. Flap your wings! Those fairies on the mainland won't be able to fly without Pixie Dust!
— Fairy Gary[src]

Fairy Gary is the sparrowman in charge of Pixie Hollow's dust-keepers. He is also the one who personally delivers Queen Clarion's special cup of Pixie dust each day.

Physical Appearance[]

He has a big brown mustache, hair and eyebrows, and a rather large nose. He speaks in a Scottish accent and wears a kilt. Other Dust-talent fairies referred to his kilt as a "skirt," which caused him some embarrassment. However, he wears it everyday with pride.


Fairy Gary is proud of his collection of teacups. Each cup in his collection holds an equivalent of one cup of Pixie Dust. He especially likes the cup that is actually a teacup from a doll's tea set on the Mainland.

Although Fairy Gary spends a lot of his time in the Pixie Dust Depot, he has his little jobs to do just like any other fairy. Occasionally an object- usually something small like a button, but once a whole cart - falls into the Pixie Dust Well. When this happens Fairy Gary dons his suit, which is similar to a scuba diver's suit, and goes into the well to fish the object out.


Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure []

Fairy Gary had first appeared in the second movie,Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009). At the beginning of the movie he is overlooking the tinkers fairies' work, and also has a brief conversation with Terence. Also, he went to Dr. Owl for advice, but only all he said was "Whoo?" frustrating Fairy Gary. Later in the movie he helps carry a pixie dust holder during the Autumn Revelry.

Pixie Hollow Games[]

In Pixie Hollow Games (2011), his partner was Terence. They made it all the way to the third day but lost when they had crashed into a pond.

The Pirate Fairy[]

Zarina is a young arrival, new to the world of Pixie Hollow, who has always had a fascination with dust. As the head of the dust-keepers, Fairy Gary is kind and patient with her, doing his best to answer all the questions that the curious fairy has. However, Fairy Gary is still strict about the dust-keeping protocol, and she is forbidden from with tampering with the dust, just like everyone else.

Zarina, fueled by her passion and curiosity, performs pixie dust alchemy anyways. This infuriates and disappoints Fairy Gary for many reasons: not only does she break the rules by tampering with- and stealing- blue pixie dust, but her experiments also result in the Pixie Dust Depot being destroyed. Fairy Gary deems her "too dangerous" to be a dust-keeper for the time being, causing Zarina to run away.

However, despite all of their conflict, Fairy Gary still cares deeply for Zarina, and is filled with joy when Tinker Bell and her friends bring her back to Pixie Hollow. After hearing about their adventures, he realizes that her talent goes beyond standard dust-keeping protocol. Thus, rather than force her into that bubble, he asks what the name of her talent is, and accepts her for who she really is.




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