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Fairy Fireworks was a mini-game released in October 2008 in Pixie Hollow Online. It was located in the Acorn Summit.


Characters: Iridessa, Minister of Autumn

Fauna: Moth, Fish, Butterfly


The aim of the game was to help light up the Mainland. The player filled firework patterns with dots of lights. Matching the color of the light with the correct pattern awarded points.


Never News - 6 February 2009

News about the mini-game's closure

  • As the game contained bugs, it was removed in 2008 and re-released in 29 June 2009.[1][2]
    • According to the Never News from February 2009, a headpiece was sent to all Members after the game's temporary closure.
  • The entrance changed three times.
  • In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (film), it showed Clank and Bobble's fireworks creation.
  • This game had a similar theme to Firefly Light-Up, carrying colored light and avoiding moths.


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