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Fairy Field Journal - Secret (also known as "Lizzy's Journal") is a Scientific Fairy Research journal (hard cover book) written by Elizabeth Griffiths and Tinker Bell.


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Martin giving the journal to his daughter

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, the book (with blank pages) was first given to Lizzy by her father, Martin Griffiths, in the hope that she would fill it with scientific facts.[1] Lizzie chose to fill her journal with things Tinker Bell tells her about fairies: how they are born, their tasks and talents, kinds, what they are afraid of and even their size.


First page with their signatures

Tink and Lizzy used many materials to fill the book such as crayon, glue, scissors, cotton, and making drawings and pop-up effects with paper.

When the book was complete, at the end of the movie, Lizzy, Martin and other fairies read it at a picnic.


Pages order as shown in the movie:

  • hard cover with the title "Fairy Field Journal - Secret"
  • first page: journal's purpose name "Scientific Fairy Research" and author's signature "Elizabeth Griffiths" (Lizzy) and Tinker Bell
  • second page: explanation of how fairies are born
  • "Garden Fairies help the grass to grow"
  • "Animal Fairies help injured animals"
  • "Light Fairies make rainbows"
  • "Garden Fairies paint the flowers" "They pick berries"
  • "Hawks are Enemies" "-fast -scary -mean"
  • "Water Fairies" "-put dewdrops on spiderwebs" "-Make ripple in streams"
  • page about The Second Star to the Right with a drawing of London's clock
  • page about a fairy's "actual size" with a drawing of Tink and cotton for her pompoms
  • two pages about the seasons: "They begin the change of the seasons" "And help nature in many ways"
  • two pages with a drawing of the meadows and Tink's friends
  • two pages with a drawing of Tink and her friends flying
  • page about talents
  • page with a drawing of Tink's friends around a flower